Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cllr Joyce Lucas Oakham Town Councillor says she was not attacked by a Great Dane

Cllr Joyce Lucas Oakham Town Councillor says she was not attacked by a Great Dane

The assistant Clerk sent out a email notification to all Councillor stating that Cllr Lucas
had been bitten by a Great Dane dog and it went on to describe how Cllr Lucas had reported
this to the police and how she did not want the dog destroyed.

So I was some what puzzled to hear Cllr Lucas tell PC Joe Lloyd and the rest of us at
a meeting last Wednesday that she was not attacked or bitten.

She refereed to social media comment as being inaccurate. I think this is common trait
of compulsive liars like Councillor Lucas

The assistant Clerks sent us email and some of the social media comment:

Joyce was working in Royce’s Recreational Ground when she was bitten on the hand by
a Great Dane Dog.

She went to the surgery for a Tetanus injection and heard that the same dog had bitten other people, knocking one person to the ground.

She reported the incident to the Police and asked not to ‘go in heavy handed’ as she doesn’t want the dog destroyed.

The Police are of the opinion that this dog should be on a lead and muzzled and should not be on a children’s play area.

Joyce also thanks those who have already phoned her and assures everyone that she is fine and will continue her work at the PDA (Pollinator’s dining area) for the next two days.

I "hear" Joyce Lucas has been attacked by a Great dane. As far as I am aware there are not that many of these dogs around in Oakham and the only one I know would not hurt a fly!
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Edward Carter Probably because there are less trees for dogs to use..... Think about it 
John Kennedy Willow was wearing a muzzle
Paul Beech I think it's a bit racial to accuse the Danes of this sort of action. Anyway they aren't all great.

Paul Beech In my experience I don't think I've ever heard of a Great Dane biting anybody.
Edward Carter Neither have I. It was probably a wee yapping dog, which has been bigged up. No doubt the incident will appear in the Rutland Times soon
Gemma Bangs She looked ok the next day, digging her garden with her gardening gloves on so I dont think it was much of an attack