Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cllr Michael Haley Resigns as Treasurer of Victoria Hall Oakham Rutland

Cllr Michael Haley Resigns as Treasurer of Victoria Hall Oakham Rutland

Cllr Michael Haley is also the Deputy Mayor at Oakham Town Council
he likes people to think that makes him more important than the rest of
the members. Michael can't read because if he could he would the good
Cllrs guide and see the position gives him no more powers than any other
member of the council he like to think it does.

He is rude, ignorant and dishonest (dishonest when he responds the monitoring

Michael also takes on far to many roles, this has once again been proved by
his failing as treasurer at Victoria Hall Oakham.

For the first time for many years the Charity Commission has needed to
write to the Victoria Hall Trustees.

I don't need to know Michael's failings I can just assume they are the same
as those at Oakham Town Council. As a member of the finance working
group he has failed to produce any reports for council for over six months.
He constantly blocks my requests to see the internal audit reports.
Despite the recent comments made by the external auditor.
Unlike a county council we do not have scrutiny committees and as a
parish council the job of scrutiny falls to all members of the council
I or others members can not carry out that scrutiny if we can not see
copies of the internal audit reports.

I really don't know what the Trustees think of Oakham Town Council.

Our appointed trustee Cllr Jasmine Hopkins has only attended one meeting
does not respond to meeting invitations with even a basic apology.

Being at Trustee of any charity or organisation is a serious legal responsibility.
I don't understand why Cllrs like Jasmine put their names forward if they
are not going to take on those responsibilities.