Thursday, October 20, 2016

Former Oakham Mayor Paul Beech Forgetfulness

Paul Beech Who exactly are you referring to as 'councillors'? Because I'm not. I am a member of the public and as a matter of fact have never referred to actions being taken against Brookes in the way that some have. I have never said he is "Evil", never suggested he be "Run out of town" and most certainly never said, "He should be shot". Even though he has told deliberate lies about me on social media and made some of the wildest claims about me and my family. I have a right to defend myself, and my family, against those kind of allegations and attacks.
Like12 hrs

Mr Beech, your honesty or memory is poor, this morning you state you never call me evil.

Please when are you going to stop this nonsense? You are over 70 years old and
as a former Mayor of Oakham you expect everyone to respect you. Really!

I am not evil as you did state on the 14th October, I don't actually care what you think of
me. shown below.

What does bother me is two men who claim to do so much good for our community
behave in such a poor way in a public forum. Which is encouraging other comments
you deny.

I know from messages received, who is looking pretty stupid at the moment and its not me.

Paul Beech He is an evil person John Kennedy and you are right that those that have never experienced his hate can't see it.