Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Now Ex Oakham Town Cllr John Kennedy's Friends think I should be shot

Not content with supporting the suggestion I should be run out of town by a lynch mob, ex town councillors think I should be shot for being evil..

Are these people for real. who do they think they are.

As a town Councillor I have rocked the boat and upset the old guard for simply wanting
a town council that is fit for purpose.

Just for the record Mr Kennedy The Assistant Clerk sent out a email to all members after
being instructed to do so by Cllr Lucas BEM after she claimed she was bitten by a
dog, she has since retracted that allegation. It is not "a figment of my Vile imagination"

John Kennedy It's is yet another figment of Brookes vile imagination. I really have NEVER met such an evil and bitter man in all of my 59 years. He can't even match up the headlines to the correct story on his Facebook page.
Edward Carter Like I've said before he needs to be shot
Gemma Bangs She looked ok the next day, digging her garden with her gardening gloves on so I dont think it was much of an attack 
John Kennedy Yes, I thought so, it is just Brookes spreading his evil lies again!