Monday, October 17, 2016

Oakham Town Council Agenda for the Planning Committee scheduled Thursday 20th October 2016

Please don't turn up early because it only causes friction.

Cllr Vince Howard chaiman of the committee is now refusing to open the council chamber before the start of the meeting.
He told us at last weeks full council meeting it is so he can read letter and prepare for the meeting.

Forgetting that NALC's guidance states a council meeting chairman should be in the chamber
in plenty of time before the meeting to welcome the public and members and to answer questions.

In my opinion it is just another power crazed trip, at the last planning subcommittee other councillor
were permitted access via the office. When Cllr Howard did decide to open the door 7 minutes before
2pm I spoke to him and told him it was a chamber for all the silly obnoxious councillor Stubbs asked him to exclude me and he correctly responded the meeting had not started.

If we are lucky we might get three councillor attend to make decisions on behalf of all the council.

Even though the full council voted for a opportunity for other councillors to speak as councillors
at these meetings instead of being called a member of the public and speaking at public deputations the change also included the tree warden and Rutland County Councillors, it appears the change
has not been introduced, I did attempt to raise this issue with Cllr Vince Howard but he seemed

Video of previous meeting.

Oakham Town Council
Victoria Hall, 39 High Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6AH
Telephone: 01572 723627    



Members of the public attending this meeting are advised that it will be
filmed and recorded, or photographed

(i) To receive apologies for absence
(ii) To decide whether to approve apologies for absence

Members are asked to declare, if required:
(i) Any Disclosable Pecuniary Interest they may have in respect to items on the agenda
(ii) Any other interest they may have in respect to items on the agenda

3. MINUTES (Appendix A)
To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday 29th September 2016

Members of the Public are invited to address the meeting in accordance with procedures laid down in Standing Order 1(d) – 1(i)

To consider the following applications received to date and to make recommendations comments and observations thereon to Rutland County Council
To also decide whether any planning application received to date should be referred to a meeting of the Council or the Planning and Parks Committee

(i) 2016/0892/RES           Larkfleet Homes
Reserved Matters application to substitute house type on plots 91-96, 103-111, 120-128, 137-140 (28 plots) approved under Reserved Matters application 2014/0581/RES in relation to Outline permission APP/2011/0832.
Land between Barleythorpe and Burley Park Way

(ii) 2016/0734/FUL Mr Geoff Oval
Conversion and alteration of garage to form dwelling with two storey extension to north-east side and single storey extension to the rear
141 Brooke Road

(iii) 2016/0896/FUL Mrs Catherine Leach
Construction of new garage in front of existing property
Limewood House, 36 Stamford Road

(iv) 2016/0862/FUL Mr C Binks
This building is the school shop and many roof timbers are in poor condition and in desperate need to repair/replacement.  At the same time the non-original and out of character concrete roof tiles are to be replaced with a blue slate that will be more in keeping with other properties in the area.
Oakham School Shop, 28 Station Road

(v) 2016/0445/LBA Mr C Binks
Internal alterations to a listed building, changing it from two classrooms to living accommodation for tutors. No external alterations
Queen Anne Building, Church Street

(vi) 2016/0919/FUL Mrs A Stebbing
Rebuild outbuildings & convert part existing to form annexe for disabled purposes
Stone House, 4 Barleythorpe Road

(vii) 2016/0921/LBA Mrs A Stebbing
Rebuild outbuildings & convert part existing to form annexe for disabled purposes
Stone House, 4 Barleythorpe Road

(viii) 2016/0944/FUL Mr & Mrs Alexander
Rear two storey extension
15 Spey Drive

(ix) 2016/0844/CAT Mrs N Edwards
Fell 2 No. Fir Trees
44 Stamford Road

(x) 2016/0828/PTA Mrs N Edwards
1 No Oak Tree Remove large branch overhanging 44 Stamford Road
46 Stamford Road

(xi) 2016/0891/CAT Mr Simon Piggott
T1 Beech (Fagus sylvatica) Fell – Kretzschmaria deusta found at base
Land at Oakham School

(xii) 2016/0990/PTA Mr J Weir
1 No. Oak Tree - Reduce height to make safe, down to 10-12 metres. 1 No. Oak - Fell Stump. 1 No. Cypress Tree - Fell - Leaning. 1 No. Cypress Tree - Reduce by 12 Feet.
Swooning House, 34 Uppingham Road

(xiii) 2016/0915/FUL Mr & Mrs Ball
Farm shop
Catmose Farm, Uppingham Road

Malcolm Plumb (Acting)
Clerk to the Council
13th October 2016