Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oakham Town Council External Audit Grant Thornton Comments 2015 - 2016

Oakham Town Council External Audit Grant Thornton Comments 2015 - 2016

It has been a difficult task obtaining this public report. I photographed it today and the Mayor
Cllr Adam Lowe told me he was reporting me to the police for stealing it.

Oakham Town Council is bonkers!

The comments from Grant Thornton highlight further failing of the former Clerk
It appears he failed to keep audit records for the required five years.

This to me confirms the comments made by the Mayor when he persuaded the council
to pay the clerk a sum of money in return for his resignation.
I personally don't place the full blame on the Clerk for the appalling situation which led
to his resignation it is mainly due to the conduct of the bullying old guard currently led
by our Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe.

The last comment from the external auditor shows the contempt the old guard has
for the audit process and the requirement to be open and transparent.

I lost count how many times I ask the council to bring the 2014 - 2015 audit report
before the full council. They constantly refused mainly because it led to the resignation
of a Mayor for unlawful conduct. Cllr Lowe decided that no one could discuss the report
and when I did attempt to raise my concerns he refused me time at the meeting to air those
concerns and suggested I once again I was interrupting the meeting.

At the last meeting the Clerk and Chairman described highlights of the 2015 -2016
external audit failing to provide members with a full copy of the audit report.

They are also failing to supply me with a copy of the internal audit which the Cllr Jasmine
described as robust via twitter.

Cllrs have a duty to read these report and act upon them The Mayor and his Deputies
refusal to share them once again with members is unacceptable.

This morning a Councillor said the clerk may not give you reports when you request them
because of the the way I request them. I have checked my many email requests for a copy
of the internal audit report and I can only find emails which say please can you supply me
with a copy on Friday when I pointed out the council had failed to display the full audit report
I asked for a copy and also said how many more times do I have to ask for a copy of the internal
audit report. (how rude of me!)