Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oakham Town Council Surgery Farmers Market Biggest Complaint Neighbourhood Plan Failings and other

Oakham Town Council Surgery Farmers Market Biggest Complaint Neighbourhood Plan Failings

One of the biggest complaints heard today was the failure of the Neighbourhood Plan Group to communicate correctly with the residents of Oakham and Barleythorpe.

The leaflet drop was described as looking like junk mail

The content of the envelopes made no sense.

Cllr Michael Haley who is running the neighbourhood plan with Cllr Jasmine Hopkins
was not fooling anyone when he responded with some rubbish about why they sent out the
information in the way they did.

A second person said the map made no sense and Cllr Haley lied and said we intended it to
be like that so it would provoke a response and engage the community.

So is Cllr Haley really saying that the Neighbourhood Plan Committee using public
money from Oakham Town Council deliberately sent out material that made little if any sense?
Meaning it is fine for him and small group of people to make the council look very stupid?

Reading the most recent report he presented to council I can see they don't know what they are
doing. They talk about a training programme, when the rules say the entire community must be involved and the committee should seek those qualified for various tasks from the community
no one should need training, you offer a skill and that skill sees you are part of the committee
until you are not required.

Personally although I have complained about my exclusion from the plans working group
I now think the plan is pointless Rutland County Council planning have destroyed Oakham.
over the years and the only reason the council want the plan is for the money due from
the Oakham North Development, no plan means a smaller slice of the cash cake.

I also noticed on the stand, Oakham Town Claimed to have been involved with the
production of the local plan produced by Rutland County Councils. I remember that consultation
coming to council and getting its normal response, we can all respond as individuals because
no one was interested in responding.

Oakham Town Council made a number of false claims on its stand today to try and impress
passing people.

We do not manage the allotments, tennis club or the bowls club or the nursery moving into
the old fitness centre as the headings on display suggested.

We only manage three small parks or play areas.

We charge a very small rent for the others mentioned.

They also displayed a project which is over two years old.