Monday, October 17, 2016

Paul Beech Former Oakham Mayor and One Meeting Councillor John Kennedy Say I am Evil

Paul Beech Former Oakham Mayor and One Meeting Councillor John Kennedy Say I am Evil

The hatred from the old guard hits a new low.

Brian Berridge a Oakham Resident start of with a true statement Oakham Town Council
is not fit for purpose.

People pay a fortune for nothing.

The council was not fit for purpose long before I moved to Oakham I have read the
Rutland County Council reports.

If I am evil for trying to seek a council that is fit for purpose then I am evil.
these people are ridiculous.

John is correct he was elected and blames me for leaving, the truth is he soon realised  he was not
going to fit in. I refer him to the email Cllr Stan Stubbs sent him in his first week after he
attacked Cllr Jasmine Hopkins of course John and Jasmine are now best of friends.

I have not got the email open so I won't cut and paste it here, I am happy to post it
if John has forgotten.

What I am finding amusing is behind all this online hate against me, which has gone on for the
last 7 years + is men over the age 70 who claim to be respected members of the Oakham
Community and not children.

Are these the sad people Joyce refers to in the Rutland Times for wasting there life sitting in
front of a computer all day, oddly when I walk around the town Joyce is concerned for my
welfare. Older people are easily confused.

Brian Berridge I think the OTC is no longer fit for purpose ,& serious consideration should be given to its closure.
Paul Beech But Brian Berridge. That's just what he wants.
Brian Berridge Maybe Paul but if nobody is going to stand up to the man he will be the cause of closure anyway.
Paul Beech I agree Brian Berridge but you've been there, like me, and people just won't. They will complain and post on pages like this but they won't stand up and be counted for the community they live. He knows that too.
Brian Berridge Still don't understand what procedures have changed to allow intimidation in the chamber???.
Paul Beech Lack of will and fear. You can smell in there now. Well with some, not all.
Brian Berridge Who is the clerk to the council now Paul.
Paul Beech Ahhh. Well he hounded out the one that was appointed 10 years ago and drove him into submission. I'll PM you on that one, but not tonight, as it is a sad story. The locum clerk now is a pretty good egg from what I understand and knows how to deal with...See more
Brian Berridge No need to update me Paul have made a couple of phone calls & I'm up to speed, although I can hardly believe what I'm told,you couldn't make it up.
Paul Beech Believe it Brian Berridge, he is actually worse than you think and it is a fact that he has ruined lives here in Rutland and he has no real friends because once they find out what he's like they ignore him and then he starts attacking them on the web. Oh, he's also a coward.
John Kennedy The problem is though, that he gets the sympathy vote as they haven't experienced the evil things he does to people. Although I am sorry he has now also affected Tacey, hopefully now the people that sympathised with him will realise it is not just you and IPaul Beech that have problems with him.
Paul Beech He is an evil person John Kennedy and you are right that those that have never experienced his hate can't see it.
John Kennedy Best part is he has never been elected! At least I was one of the few that was voted in & would be happy to go back if and when he is removed