Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tracy Carrs Resignation from Oakham Town Council Facebook comments and my thoughts

Tracy Carrs Resignation from Oakham Town Council Facebook comments

My friend ex Mayor Paul Beech directed me to his post
on Facebook

I can not post as a Town Councillor what I truly think of Mr Beech and the hatred he has for

The same goes for ex Cllr John Kennedy who's comments I thank fully can not see because
he blocks me.

Tracy Carr resigned last week and told Rutland Radio she resigned due to the conduct
of Councillors, now I read she is laying the total blame at my door.
I repeat it is a shame she has gone. I would suggest she is lyingShe just like me often did not like how things were done at Oakham Town Council


and most recently she spoke out after Adam Lowe gave a presentation to replace the clerk
she did not like how it was being handled and I would suggest that is the real reason for
her going. If you disagree with the old guard you will find there are frictions as she told
Rutland Radio.

I object to Mr Beech constantly raking up my personal life and post on social media but there
is no point telling him because he knows that and that is why he does it.

I will remind him and his few old followers that when the conduct report was produced
the investigator said I react to other peoples poor conduct but two wrongs don't make
a right I am trying hard not to react to his current conduct towards me.

He suggests I pushed out the Clerk that is not true the Clerk failed in many of his duties
and Cllr Lowe told members this and he was paid £18,000 to resign.
The current audit report shows one of his many failings and that was his failure to
keep records.

I go on and point out people were leaving Oakham Town Council long before I had ever
heard of it.

Before 2010 Rutland County Council constantly published report stating the town council
was dysfunctional. It also failed Audits as it did when Cllr Alf Dewis Acted unlawfully.

Cllr Elizabeth Walker killed herself.

Cllr Julie France was the first cllr after that who resigned in 2009 she was a professional
woman, The sort of professional that I thought Tracy was.

I fully understand I can be annoying but I am not this awful person that the old guard
smear me with.

If the council did as it was meant to and did not constantly attempt to exclude me
then it could work.

The current monitoring officer said in a report the council is not working that is not
my fault.

I do not push people on the floor at meetings as Adam Lowe did to me.

I do not swear at cllrs like cllr Stan Stubs did.

I do not not stop people from speaking in meetings when they are entitled to as Cllr Michael Haley did.

I do not lie constantly to the police which was proved when I was taken to court three years ago.

I agree with the assistant Clerk Allison Greaves the council is dysfunctional.

The chairman Adam Lowe and his deputy Michael Haley are very foolish
I ask for things I am entitled to and they obstruct my requests constantly.

The long delay for bringing of the 2014 - 2015 audit report to council and there refusal to provide a copy of the internal audit report or even put it before council as required is a perfect example of their poor conduct and these failing are on display for all to read on the councils notice board.

I really find it hard to believe that Mr Beech would have put up with this when he was on the council
but then again he might have because when Richard White took over as Clerk he told me the town
council had no accounts and that is why the past clerks board has been taken of the wall to hide
the missing names from the public.

I would like to see the day Oakham Town Council the council
actually serves the community correctly, for trying to do that I and my friends have been
attacked by the old guard for years and Mr Beech contributed to the most damaging and that is the
blog run by now ex Town Councillors called laughing stocks which was described by the district
judge as Homophobic Crude and Crass.

Here is one page created by the former town cllr Charles Haworth it has photos of my friends
and suggest I am a prostitute, something these idiots connected to our council often tell the
job centre

The late Cllr Maureen Dodds organised a campaign of hate against me which led to the successful
prosecution and conviction of the late Phillip Quinton and that is just a small part of what I have
had to put up with since moving to Oakham and getting involved with Oakham Town Council.

Mr Beech and his friends like to hide all this from people but what the forget is most people
in Oakham are not blind or stupid.

Oakham Town Council is currently looking to co-opt two new members I ask people to
join, people who are not my friends and they respond do you think I mad?

I quite like the comment of a Rutland County Councillor this weekend "do they not understand the
more they put up a wall against you nothing is ever going change"

The Town Council receive complaints from another Rutland County Councillor about the
conduct of members of a working group, I am not permitted to join working groups but
I am sure I will get the blame for that.

So OTC has lost another councillor. Can you see the trend here? Cllr Brookes seems to think it's not his fault and down to a statement made during last night's meeting. Dream on. He said she never did anything wrong to him - I'm not surprised as she could well have been scared to death of him. It might be that he, Brookes, is a part of the 'Old Guard' now which is down to his elongated presence on the council. Perhaps she could publish her resignation letter here and end the speculation. Or he could write it for her.
Brian Berridge Maybe Paul but if nobody is going to stand up to the man he will be the cause of closure anyway.
Paul Beech I agree Brian Berridge but you've been there, like me, and people just won't. They will complain and post on pages like this but they won't stand up and be counted for the community they live. He knows that too.
Brian Berridge Still don't understand what procedures have changed to allow intimidation in the chamber???.
Paul Beech Lack of will and fear. You can smell in there now. Well with some, not all.
Brian Berridge Who is the clerk to the council now Paul.
Paul Beech Ahhh. Well he hounded out the one that was appointed 10 years ago and drove him into submission. I'll PM you on that one, but not tonight, as it is a sad story. The locum clerk now is a pretty good egg from what I understand and knows how to deal with...See more
Brian Berridge No need to update me Paul have made a couple of phone calls & I'm up to speed, although I can hardly believe what I'm told,you couldn't make it up.
Paul Beech Believe it Brian Berridge, he is actually worse than you think and it is a fact that he has ruined lives here in Rutland and he has no real friends because once they find out what he's like they ignore him and then he starts attacking them on the web. Oh, he's also a coward.
Paul Beech He is an evil person John Kennedy and you are right that those that have never experienced his hate can't see it.
Neil Munford run him out of town...where did he even come from anyway!! strange that fella is.
Paul Beech He threatened to sue a church (link below) in London who paid him off by, what is an intelligent guess, to get out of London because certain other groups were after him. Allegedly. The church reference is the official line and it would fit. He took the money and ran. Peterborough first, and it's possible he was sussed there, and eventually ended up here. Money in pocket, he 'bought' a flat on Willow Crescent, and has been causing havoc here ever since. He hates authority and know's exactly how to manipulate the system. The question to ask is how he gets his money to enjoy the finer things in life that he seems to be able to afford and yet people like us have to work for it. He can only ever cause trouble because it's all he knows. Here's the link if you don't believe me:

A VERGER is taking legal action against his church after being injured by a drug user's needle while picking up…
Neil Munford I'll have a read later Paul, he's Deffo a wrong un!! he's like one of them clowns but with out the mask!!
Paul Beech I thought it was a mask.
Neil Munford lol ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
Paul Beech I think that what OTC needs to do is dissolve itself and call an election, if it's in the constitution somewhere, and whatever happens get somebody, two actually, to stand against him specifically. Isn't that what we did back when Peter Moore was on the council. God bless him. He knew how to handle it and I bet you did too Brian Berridge.
Tracy M Carr I didn't really want to defend myself on social media but I want to clarify a couple of things. Yes I can confirm that I've resigned today due to Martin Brookes, there's no point in outlining the specific reasons because there's too many to share, let's face it most if not all people know what he's like. To suggest I may have been scared is laughable, I would describe it as more irritated and frustrated. Also for what it's worth I consistently challenged his behaviour and attitude, sometimes coming to the aid of other councillors or paid members of OTC . To say I can hold my own is an understatement. The bottom line is I can't work with someone who I don't trust and brings nothing positive to the table. I thrive on challenge but this challenge is not worth my time or effort. I want to work with people who want to improve OTC and work on behalf of the community not someone who seeks to destroy it. I've lots of qualities and experiences that could have helped OTC but unfortunately having the patience of a saint isn't one of them. I hope I've addressed these comments sufficiently and I hope you can respect my decision. I would like to say good luck and may the force be with you, to anyone who wants to join OTC, regards Tracy
Neil Munford ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ–’xx
Tracy M Carr John Kennedy I made it clear in my resignation letter that I would reapply if things changed, I can't speak for anyone else.
Paul Beech Tracy M Carr Thank you and I really do respect you for your response above. I said what I said to get a reaction and discover what had really gone on because of his statement deflecting the real reasons from himself as the responsible person onto something somebody else said and hoping that somebody would post a supporting sympathetic response. The truth came out and I applaud your courage.
Tracy M Carr Paul Beech well I don't know what anyone else as said nor what took place at Wednesday's meeting, I've always got on okay with the other councillors . But my reasons for leaving lay firmly at councillor Brooke's door.
Kellie Pyart Hi Tracy M Carr I'm a reporter for Rutland Radio, could I chat to you about this?  I've messaged you
Tracy M Carr Kellie Pyart my settings are restricted so even though u've sent a message I won't receive it. I had to make significant changes to my social media page within a couple of days of joining OTC, this in itself speaks volumes.
Kellie Pyart Tracy M Carr oh okay that's fine