Saturday, November 05, 2016

Oakham Town Council Removes Final Accountability Window at Meetings No More Councillors Questions

Oakham Town Council Removes Final Accountability Window at Meetings No More Councillors Questions

Oakham Town Council whoever that is refuses to answer any questions or provide documents
outside of meeting and now it has decided to remove the only oppertunity of accountability
from its meetings.

For a long time the people we claim to represent have not been able to ask the council
question at the meetings.

Now this has been extended to Cllrs.

I do not know who decided this restriction. surely it cant be the deputy dictator and resident
mental health advisor to the council Michael Haley who leafletted residents home harping
on about the lack of accountability at Rutland County Council durring the last election.

Michael sent out a email this week claiming to be sorry for telling me to jump under a bus
last weekend. He claim everyone who speaks to him wishes I did the same he request. What a
horrible person he is. He also stated a number of his reasons, one of those was his concern
that Cllr Jasmine Hopkins was heading for a mental break down after I shared a public
post made by her aldult son, he described Brexit voters using obsene words calling them C#nts.
Cllr Jasmine Hopkins and Cllr Michael Haley felt that when I shared his disgusting public attack
I was attacking her and her family. Oakham Town Council fast becoming bonkers if that is how
they think.

The Mayor has sent me a email after I submitted a councillors question in time according to our standing orders and from what I can understand from it my simple questions are not going to be answered at next weeks meeting. The last line of his email does not make sense.

Sent: Saturday, November 05, 2016 at 7:56 AM
From: "Adam Lowe"
To: "Martin Brookes"
Subject: Re: Councillors Questions Internal and External Audit

There is no slot on the agenda for Cllrs Questions, there has not been for some months,
so the question raised will to be answered during a Council meeting.


Adam Lowe

From: Martin Brookes

Dear Oakham Town Council

Cllrs Question for the next meeting

Please can the council explain why after many requests over a period of two months
you are refusing to provide me with a copy of the internal auditors report?

Please can you also explain why the council is continuing to ignore the external
auditors comments relating to delaying bringing External and Internal Audit Reports
to full council to comment on and action where required?

The comment from the external auditor can be found on the eternal notice
board just outside the office.