Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Peterborough Christmas 2016 Cambridgeshire

Peterborough Christmas 2016 Cambridgeshire

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Beales Christmas

Beales Black Friday

Bull Hotel

Burger King

Bus Station Entrance 
Coca Cola Vending Machines

Cambridge Police PCSO's

Queensgate Shopping Centre Christmas Lights

Christmas Land Store

Peterborough Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Peterborough Christmas Tree

Queensgate Shopping Centre Christmas Tree

Christmas Window

Christmas Wreath

The Guild Hall and St John's 

There are a lot of homeless people in 

Homeless woman who chose's to live in Bridge Street Valerie Collins
recently Peterborough Telegraph reported
The mother of two has spent months living out of bins, but claims to be planning to fly 
out to Portugal in the next few days before heading to Texas in America.

Valerie Collins has spent 11 months sleeping in the small sheltered entrance 
to the closed down Pizza Roma restaurant.

She owns her own home.

Valerie explained her motive to live in Bridge Street was “just to observe life, 
what people are doing, how they act and what makes them tick.”
She has encountered a few “nutty ones in the evening,” and claims to have observed 
animals who are more pleasant.

she will be glad to leave Peterborough behind.

“I won’t miss it, it’s not a place I like to be,” 

Inside Peterborough Christmas Tree

M&S Postal Service

May's Furnishing

Letters to Mrs Claws M&S Post Box


Peterborough Cathedral Gates

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree

Peterborough City Centre

War Memorial Peterborough

Primark Peterborough

Queensgate Shopping Centre
entrance Peterborough

Rivergate Shopping Centre

Santa and Luggage

John Lewis Star Wars and Lego

TK Maxx