Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Sir Jeffrey Hudson to have a face-lift before moving into new home at Rutland County Museum Oakham.

A statue of Sir Jeffrey Hudson is to be donated to Rutland County Museum.

Before he is donated the family who commission the statue are paying for Jeffrey to have
a face-lift because they don't like the look of his face.

The statue has been hidden from public view since 2002 in the back garden of Hudson's cottage
located on Melton Road Oakham.

The statue said to be life size was commissioned in 2001 and completed in 2002
by the Nicholson family from Sheffield (Capital Stone Masonry)

The final cost of the statues was £4000

The plinth contains a time capsule containing items such as coins and the stonemasons

The Stone was specially selected from The Quarry Stoke Hall Grindleford Hope Valley

The Statue was unveiled in the presence of a Mayor and members of Rutland County Council
unfortunately Oakham Town Council don't keep records so they are unable to confirm which
mayor was present.