Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Rutland South beat report detailing crime for last month.

Here is the latest Rutland South beat report detailing crime for last month.
2/11/16 – Theft from unattended motor vehicle - Lyddington

2/11/16 – Attempt burglary (garage) Chater close, Manton

5/11/16 –  Attempt burglary (garage) - Pinfold close South Luffenham

5/11/16 - Theft from unattended motor vehicle  x 4 - Luffenham road and Dovecote close, Barrowden, 

6/11/16 - Attempt Burglary dwelling _ Main street, Seaton

12/11/16 - Damage - The Street, South Luffenham

17/11/16 – Attempt Burglary other than dwelling - Barrowden community shop, Wakerley road, Barrowden 

23/11/16 – Burglary other than dwelling - Main street, Glaston

23/11/16 - Burglary dwelling - Main street, Empingham

22 - 25/11/16 - Burglary other than dwelling - Barrowden road, Ketton

26 - 27/11/16 - Damage - Hall close play area, Ketton

27/11/16 - Theft of trailer - Wood lane, Braunston
Our current Neighbourhood Priorities' are –
1 - Tackling crime in Barrowden village due to the recent spike in crime there. We are carrying out high visibility patrols and liaising with surrounding forces sharing intelligence and information.
2 - Targeting hare coursing  along the A47 corridor from Uppingham to Tixover & parts of the north beat area from Langham towards the A1. Last month, members of the public reported to police numerous reports of hare coursing. As a result several people and vehicles have been identified as taking part in this illegal activity. 
I would encourage you all to be vigilant and report any persons you suspect as acting suspicious. Take note of any vehicle and registration number they are in and ring the police on 101.
By all means, let me know and your Neighbourhood watch coordinators, but ring 101 in the first instance, so the information can be reported and acted upon straightaway.
Remember to visit the Rural Watch website, via the below link for rural crime updates and a whole host of crime prevention advice.