Friday, December 30, 2016

Street Drinkers Fighting On The Streets Of Leicester Video

Street Drinkers Fighting On The Streets Of Leicester Video

When I visit Leicester I am always a little cautious and know the areas of the city that
generally should be avoided.

This afternoons visit left me a bit surprised, the street drinkers have moved into all the
main shopping streets.

Granby Street was quiet, Gallow Tree Gate a main shopping street was like a war zone.

Outside the old BHS a man was threatening to stab a group of four men.
Fortunately he did not appear to have a knife.

Walking further along the street full of shoppers many families and children
another two men were fighting watched by two other men who appeared drunk.

A child in a push chair was covered in beer.

What I found unsettling was the lack of interest shown by Leicestershire Police
or should I say useless PCSO's who seemed to be hiding in the shadows.

One member of the public told me he was concerned because he had tried to seek
assistance from a officer in a car not from the clock tower and he just drove off.

Maybe the Chief Constable Simon Cole can take a look at the tracking system and
have a word with the officer who may have deserted his duty.

A number of member of the public spoke to the armed officers guarding the Christmas
Tree and they did take notice and split up four men outside Game.

Although the incidents were unpleasant for many, there were some who were
laughing and enjoying the street fighting.

Some people said it happens all the time now.