Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rutland County Council 20 Glorious Years 1997 - 2007

Rutland County Council 20 Glorious Years

In my agenda pack which arrived Saturday afternoon from Oakham Town Council I find a letter
to all members of Oakham Town Council dated 19th December 2016, The letter is from Kenneth
Bool Chairman of Rutland County Council. I admire the efficiency of Oakham Town Ciuncil for passing on this letter so expediently. Normally they don't bother forwarding anything to members.

The letter is a reminder that we are to celebrate 20 years of Rutland County Council.
Such a wonderful event to celebrate.

Oakham Town Councillor Joyce Lucas mentioned this at our last meeting and pointed out
she and one other person are the only Councillor who were there 20 years ago.

Now I am all for celebrating our County in which we live, but do we really need to celebrate
Rutland District Council.

We could celebrate the highest council tax in England.

We could celebrate past Chief Executives whether that was the Alcoholic or the woman who harassed
men in the work place.

We could celebrate a Council that lost millions and brought suicide awareness into the workplace.

We could celebrate Adult Social Services caring nature towards the elderly like the couple
who starved to death in their supervision

We could celebrate the millions of pounds spent by the council trying to silence its critics.

We could celebrate the corruption of the local police.

We could celebrate the big build becoming the little build.

We could celebrate the loss of decent post 16 Education and provision for special needs children.

The list we could celebrate is endless......

The last time the Council celebrated was ten years ago and the current Tory CEO Helen Briggs
spoke to a national newspapers and they reported the following.

"We are lean and mean," enthuses chief executive Helen Briggs, who lives in the 10th Anniversary of Rutland's Independence, 

Photograph of Helen Briggs Rutland County Council CEO
taken on the day she actually said sorry for losing Rutland millions.

The biggest gift Helen Briggs could give to Rutland would be her retirement.
most if not all her Tory gang have gone.

Tony Mathias could prove he is a Conservative with a small, c as he likes to
be known as.  If he is elected leader of the Council next week he should sack
her and her team.