Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cllr Joyce Lucas makes a Statement at Oakham Town Council Meeting For Blogger

Cllr Joyce Lucas makes a  Statement at Oakham Town Council Meeting For Blogger

Cllr Lucas was permitted to make a statement for the benefit of the blogger, I think she means

The agenda does not include a spot for Councillors to make statements at meetings.
The Chairman Adam Lowe permitted this.

Cllr Lucas appears to have a medical condition effecting her eyes and is concerned I and
others might think she is not fir to drive.

Cllr Lucas gave her statement with eyes streaming and tissue catching what ever was
flooding from her eyes.

I find her statement just another attack against me, her personal medical condition and what
she fears other including me might say about it, is not council business and it is my opinion
that the Chairman should not have permitted the statement.

Later in the meeting the Chairman permitted Cllr Michael Haley to give a prepared statement
attacking me which he has requested should be minuted so it can be placed in the public domain.
I pointed out the item was exempt so the minute would be exempt The Chairman then decided
the whole agenda item was not longer an exempt item.

The last meeting did seem as if everyone was on the attack.

A member of the public was present and at public deputations she was permitted to speak
outside the rules  For the short time she was sat in the chamber she felt also felt the need to
express her feelings stating "I am shocked by the animosity of this council" she was also permitted to
ask a question of the council.

Oakham Town Council only permit deputations from members of the public if it is about
an agenda item.

Members of the public are not permitted to ask questions about the councils work
or speak about or raise any concerns they may have.

I will be righting to the Clerk to suggest the council considers changing this policy
many other parish councils have a open democracy point in their meeting.
If we are not listening to the residents how can we be representing them?