Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oakham Mayor Councillor Adam Lowe writes to Libdems about me

After I declared becoming a Libdem Town Councillor
Oakham Mayor Councillor Adam Lowe has told me he has written to Libdems about me
oops sorry Mr Adam Lowe Rutland Conservative member of the public.

I do hope he has not written in the same style as he did in the past to new parish councillors
I am sure he has written to them and let them know how over the years he has watched how well I have supported the Libdems.

Mr Lowe is not willing to send me a copy of his email. I thank him for his continued interest in most aspects of my life and work within our community,

Lib Dems are only party that can stop Tory majority at next election 


For the record:

My e-mail to the LIB DEMS states in my capacity as a member of the public.



Adam Lowe