Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Oakham Mayors Adam Lowes Email Oakham Town Partnership £31,000 Invoice

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 at 8:51 PM
From: "Adam Lowe"
To: "Martin Brookes"
Subject: OTP/OTC/RCC

Dear ALL

I e-mailed earlier about the OTP minutes and the confusion over the S106 Hawksmead money again, many of the questions were answered by a fellow Cllr in recent meetings and if need be I will allow the Cllr to remind the Council of the known situation as we have been made aware on Wednesday.

There are several familiar names in the OTP minutes including my own, I will not name any other persons mentioned, I will state that the minutes contain no evidence of any wrongdoing by any members and representatives be them past or present of either OTP, OTC or RCC.

As I do not have access to any meeting minutes held by RCC in relation the subject matter I cannot comment and will not speculate on what they contain.


Adam Lowe

Dear Adam Lowe Chairman

You state you or no other councillor has done wrong.

You admit your name is in the minutes.

Why are they in the minutes you are not a member of the town partnership or our representative.

Nothing has been reported to council ever about the appointment of the town centre manager.

You may not have formally agreed it, but you and Cllrs you won't name have done wrong by not sharing
any of what was going on with the full council and that is the reason this council is not working too much council
business is conducted in this manner excluding a number of councillors from what is happening.

I do hope none of the group is going to attempt to persuade the council to give its consent to pay
this £31,000 to the Oakham Town Partnership in an attempt to put this right.

The town council has never been officially involved in the talks and meetings since the start in 2013

You say you have not seen the minutes of RCC meetings, I assume they will include at least one name
of a Cllr who has unlawfully acted.

Who made the agreement on behalf the council without its knowledge. To employee and fund the town centre
manager or is the Chairman of the partnership mistaken she should not have issued the invoice?

I am pleased the former Clerk Richard white was honest and told us all, that the money had been paid to the
councils account last year, he did not know anything about this I remember speaking to him and he certainly
did not have a clue as to why Rutland County Council had given it to us.
I assume this is one of the main reasons he went of sick.
When the ex Cllr was possibly suggesting he paid the entire money to the Town Partnership as Rutland County
Council were asked to do the same but refused.

You seem to suggest earlier in the day that this matter is not serious I wonder what would be serious to you and
some others.

I think it is very serious when Leicestershire Police said if the money had been paid direct to The Town Partnership
it would have been fraud.

The big question is why were the council never told by you or Alf Deiws that this money was on offer and could be heading to
Oakham Town Council? And why were they not told when it was confirmed Oakham Town Council would  be receiving the money?
I know why Alf Dewis did not because as Chairman of the partnership he wanted all the money. I dont undsterstand why you
did not tell the council in 2013 -2014 As the communication from Rutland County Council last year said you knew and were
part of meetings.


Martin Brookes