Thursday, February 09, 2017

Oakham Town Council Acting Clerk Malcolm Plumb Abusing Powers To Pay For Cllrs And Ex Mayors Legal Advice???

Dear Oakham Town Council.

At last nights meeting the acting Clerk read out a prepared statement, I believe he mislead the council and is also abusing
his powers

1. Under the provisions of the Town Councils Financial regulations, the Clerk to the Council is empowered to spend up to
£500 with out the prior authority of the Town Council where urgent Council business needs to be transacted.

This  case does not fall within the catorgary of Urgent. Just because the chaiman and his mate the disgraced ex mayor
dont like my public comment or observations does not warrant the clerk spending any money. If either Cllr Dewis
and ex Cllr Dewis did serve legal action against the town council then that would be the time for the clerk to seek
formal permission to pay for legal advice.

It is my understanding the money may not being used to seek legal advice for the council it is intended to use the money
so that Cllr Adam Lowe and the Former Mayor Alf Dewis can obtain free legal advice and this is very wrong.

whilst I was in the office Alf Dewis telephoned the council to discuss this authorisation and to speak to Adam Lowe
the assistant clerk asked Alf Dewis to stop talking and she would call him back.
At this point I said it is wrong for the council to pay for his and Adam Lowes legal advice and the Clerk Mr Plumb
became annoyed.

The local government act and localism act forbids the precept from being spent on indviduals or Councillors
I have reported this matter to Leicestershire Police.

I have also reported again Oakham Town Partnership for their conspiracy to defraud Oakham Town Council
last year.

If Leicestershire Police had not taken the decission not to take further action, becasue Oakham Town Council had not lost the money due
to the cautious aprroach of our ex Clerk and Rutland County Council insisting the money was paid to Oakham Town Council
and not the partnership.

Cllr Adam Lowe publically supported the ex Mayors unlawful conduct when he resigned last year so it is no surprise
he is supporting this current matter which the council should not be funding.

I have sent a full statement to the councils solicitor.

I also telephoned Setfords Solictors and left a voicemail for Simon Conway

In that voice mail I pointed out the council has not given lawful authority for any expenditure.
The show of hands was not as the Chairman said a informal vote top approve the expenditure.
All none urgent expenditure like this has to be approved by full council formally, I would suggest
the clerk knows that and by bringing it to council for informal approval just justifies his wrongful
action in his own mind.
The Clerks report agenda item is not the place in meetings for this type of activity.

I also told Mr Conway why the former Mayor Alf Dewis resigned. That was for similar unlawful
conduct refered to in the Grant Thornton Audit Report and into unlawfully spending
with solicitors Wilkin Chapman by him.

It is my opinion that The Clerk and Chairman have put members in a very difficult position by asking
them to show support for unlawful expenditure but not approving it formally.

Cllr Martin Brookes

Although this report is marked confidential the Clerk read it out in public at last nights
meeting and members informally supported it. He handed out copies for all members to