Monday, February 20, 2017

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting Agenda Amended 23rd February 2017

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting Agenda Amended 23rd February 2017

Although it appears the Chairman now accepts we should not be reviewing our standing order
and considering the appointment of two more members to the co-option panel.
The chairman has also added two other important items missing from the first summons
/ agenda.

I am surprised the Chairman is sending us a legal summons signed by him. Only the Clerk 
or Assistant can sign summons.

And why the numbers of members on the panel needs to be reconsidered is beyond me 
the council only recently agreed four.

Dear Cllr Adam Lowe (Chairman)

I wonder why you and the council continue to seek legal advice from LRLAC?

Jake has often said he is not qualified to give the council legal advice and pointed us in the 
direction of NALC who can give such advice and provide many legal point online which we
can all access.

I wonder why we continue to pay the LRLAC?

The attached summons agenda is another example of poor advice.

No members of the council including the chairman or deputy can issue a summons.
Only the Clerk or Assistant can issue summons.

I can understand there is a need to co-opt new members perhaps at a quicker pace 
than we are currently doing. but we need to proceed correctly.


Martin Brookes (Cllr OSE Ward)

Sent: Monday, February 20, 2017 at 7:28 AM
From: "Adam Lowe" <>
To: MJHaley <>, "Richard Haynes" <>, "Stan Stubbs" <>, "Joyce Lucas" <>, "Peter Ind" <>, "Sally-Anne Wadsworth" <>, "Martin Brookes" <>
Cc: "Malcolm Plumb" <>, "Allison Greaves" <>
Subject: Amended Agenda

Dear ALL

The Agenda , I am advised, DOES really require apologies.

As Allison is OFF today and the re-issue needs to be done today I have done this.

I have checked with LRLAC and yes I can sign the agenda, this is because the Chairman called this meeting.

Point for the future if two Cllrs call a meeting because a Chairman does not then they can also sign that agenda as the Councillors that called that meeting.

A revised agenda will go into the public notice board today. The important bit is that the DATE and TIME are the same.

Please note I have expanded why the meeting is called in the item now, it is about not enough members on the interview panel.


Adam Lowe