Sunday, February 05, 2017

Oakham Town Council Planning Meeting 9th February 2017 Agenda

Oakham Town Council Planning Meeting 9th February 2017

Oakham Town Council no longer send Councillors who are not members of this committee notification of the meetings or the agenda. They no longer provide councillors with copies of
minutes. The committee was created to exclude me from working as a councillor.
We used to have a planning and parks meeting which included all members.
This committee meets infrequently and proves to me the council really has no interest in the
development issues that might effect our town.

Looking at the Agenda it looks like Cllr Vince Howard has stepped down as Chairman
of the planning committee this has never been reported to full council.

Dear Cllr Adam Lowe (Chairman of Oakham Town Council)

I was passing the notice board and spotted a planning committee meeting has been called.
for the 9th Febraury 2017.

Do you know why all members of the council were not notified?

Do you know why we do not receive minutes or notification of the committees decisions

If we were to receive copies of the committee meetings minutes that would be very helpful.

Do you know why we were not notified of the apparent resignation of the committee chairman?


Martin Brookes