Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Oakham Town Council Unlawful Oakham Town Partnership £31,000 Rutland County Council Monitoring Officer

Oakham Town Council Unlawful Oakham Town Partnership £31,000 Rutland County Council Monitoring Officer

Rutland County Council employed a monitoring officer without the required qualifications
The late Roger Begy said they don't need qualifications.

I disagreed and this current mess at Oakham Town Council is the reason why.
however nice the monitoring officer is she has not got a clue about how to investigate anything.
Fortunately unlike our chairman and Mayor Adam she recognises this is a serious matter.
And as for our Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe refusing to give the minutes and name those involved makes
him just as guilty as them.

Dear Mrs Mogg. Monitoring Officer

I have had another think about my complaint about Cllr Lowe and the Oakham Town Partnership £31,000 invoice.

I am pleased you recognise this is a serious matter. Cllr Lowe describes it in a email as a storm in a tea cup and does not 
feel this is a serious matter.

I was hoping by sending the conduct complaint based on the little bit of information I had you would
kick start an investigation.

Cllr Lowe has now stated he is named in minutes which did not exist at the point our agenda was published for 
this evenings meeting. He also said there are names of other councillors included in the minutes, he is refusing to
provide a copy of the minutes or name the others.

One or more of those named in the minutes has acted unlawfully and acted without the authority of the full council 
and incurred illegal expenditure.

If Councillor Lowe says he did nothing wrong, keeping quiet if you know who is responsible is doing something wrong
and just as serious as if he had actually agreed the spending without the authority of the council.

I think all those involved in meetings should remember the Nolan Principles of those who hold public office

Lying or covering for the guilty is a breach of those principles, 

Cllr Vince Howard told me there are people lying on the council, if they are they should go.

As the monitoring officer I would like you to investigate and find out why councillors have acted in this way.
since 2013 according to a letter sent to Oakham Town Council by a member of your staff last year.

Cllr Lowe is named in that letter.

I don't think it is unreasonable to ask why members in the know kept the knowledge of the Hawksmead money
from the council.  Although the reason is known The Former Chairman of the partnership and Oakham Town Councillor
Alf Dewis wanted all the money to be paid direct to the partnership. Leicestershire Police said if this aim had been achieved
then a fraud would have been committed. So I agree with you this a very serious matter and if not sorted Cllr Lowes tea
cup might sink.


Cllr Martin Brookes