Sunday, February 05, 2017

Oakham Town Council want to pay for a conduct advert about me

Appendix D Conduct Advert

Oakham Town Council want to waste public money by paying to place this advert in the local
paper because they wont publish the statement the council wants to publish about me.

It starts of repeating information relating to my alleged conduct.

It then states my conduct has not improved. That I have ignored the content
of a £13,000 report into my alleged conduct from over a year ago.
I have not ignored the content they have the report said I reacted to their poor

The council have decided I am still a naughty boy and have extended the banning of me
sitting on committees or working groups for another six months. The monitoring officer
did not recommend, The law state a council can not sanction its own members so I beleive
the sanction which effectively means I am a Councillor who can not do anything is unlawful
My conduct has never been as bad as theirs.

Currently Rutland County Council has appointed Guy Goodman to investigate more
of Cllr Lowes lies made against me. So I would think it is not appropriate for the council to
place this advert.

I also question why they seek no publicity when Cllr Stan Stubbs was found guilty of calling
me a bastard in a meeting and Cllr Michael Haley for ignoring standing orders when he prevented
me from speaking.

Oakham Town also think they are avoiding legal action by not publishing my name.

I refer them to the case of the Leicester Police Sgt who was found guilty of discrediting the force when he published comments about me online with out my name, He was found guilty and
the investigators said it was obvious who he was referring to, the same applies with Oakham Town
Councils proposed advert.