Saturday, February 04, 2017

Oakham Town Partnership Town Manager Unauthorised Expenditure and Agreement by Oakham Mayors

Dear Adam Lowe (Chairman of Oakham Town Council)

I understand that the chairman of Oakham Town Partnership has resigned over the matter
of the appointment of the Town Manager.

Oakham Town Council has on file a letter from a Rutland County Council Officer, this letter was also distributed to all members of
the council, in the letter Two people are named as being involved with the negotiations which nearly saw a fraud being committed.
Leicestershire Police said no offence had been committed because the £62,586.50 had not been diverted in full from the council
to the Oakham Town Partnership as intended. If it had not been for the Officer at Rutland County Council carrying out checks
and finding the money should be paid to Oakham Town Council we may never have known it existed.

The two people named in the letter are the former Mayor Alf Dewis and The Current Mayor Adam Lowe.

At no time did the council give the authority to either of those members to act on behalf of the council.

Last month we received a letter from the Oakham Town Partnership chairman in which she states Oakham Town Council and Rutland
County Council met more than once with the Town Partnership to agree the appointment of the Town Centre Manager and this has resulted
in the council receiving an invoice for £31,293.25

The Town Council did not approve this appointment or expenditure. Therefore that expenditure is unlawful and the council is not obliged in
law to settle this demand.

As ex Cllr Alf Dewis found when he resigned, he had to repay money back to the council money he was not authorised to spend.
Even then he lied about what the money was spent on.

You are named in Rutland County Councils letter which makes you part responsible for the agreement and the unauthorised expenditure, should you
not be considering your position on the council before Wednesdays meeting or are Rutland County Council lying?

The only people I know lie is the one gone and yourself when you lie about me and the notice board conduct.

I would hope the Clerk would be able to distribute the letter from the RCC officer at the meeting when I mention it at the meeting
or I could go through my mountain of papers from last year to find my copy?

I would also like a copy of the agreement not seen or approved by this council. Made by Rutland County Council and Oakham Town Partnership and the person (s) claiming to represent our council so they can be held responsible for this large invoice. It wpuld prove who is telling the truth about the

In the meantime I have decided to submit a conduct complaint based on the evidence of that letter and the local government acts that
forbid any Councillor from acting and incurring expense without the authority of the full council.
It will then be up to the monitoring officer to investigate and bring this sorry mess to an end.


Martin Brookes

Conduct Complaint sent to Monitoring Officer at Rutland County Council

From 2014 to July 2016 Cllr Adam Lowe and Cllr Alf Dewis
Both had meetings with Rutland County County Council and the Town Partnership, to agree 106 payments from Hawkmead, this is confirmed in a letter sent by a Rutland County Council officer to the Town Council last year. I believe both Cllrs  may have entered into a deception to obtain a total sum of £62,586.50 fraudulently for the Oakham Town Partnership If it had not been for the vigilance of another of Rutland County Council officer, The Town Council would not have known anything about this money. The Clerk at the time Richard White even thought Rutland County Council had sent the money in error and offered to return it to Rutland County Council Cllr Lowe and Mr Dewis both acted without the authority or knowledge of the council which is a breach of the local government act. The Town council has been sent a invoice from the Town Partnership totally £31,293.25 The council has not authorised the agreement mentioned or this expenditure. It is my belief that Cllr Lowe and Mr Dewis  breached of the localism act this matter should therefore be investigated by Leicestershire Police.