Friday, May 12, 2017

Cllr Adam Lowe Former Conservative Oakham Mayor and Leicestershire Police Special Constable Undermined Police Work

Cllr Adam Lowe Former Conservative Oakham Mayor and Leicestershire Police Special Constable Undermined Police Work.

Cllr Adam Lowe would persistently complain along with his Tory friends about my blog and
whilst complaining he would write to be describing the police in derogatory ways and tell me
to keep up the good work and keep blogging, the man is a fool and is unfit to be a councillor.
as the the extract from a Leicestershire Police report shown above shows. I am pleased
his actions undermined the work of the police, it is a just a shame another Inspector came along
and was fooled by these vile bullies.

Last year I was subject to a barrage of conduct complaints which has cost Rutland County
Council a fortune.

Some of the complaints have been upheld I found guilty of disrespect of the Clerk Allison
Greaves for video and posting her saying sorry for her poor conduct against me and for
visiting the office and ringing a doorbell to collect and agenda when the council refused to
give me a copy.
The investigator has been told by the Locum Clerk Malcom Plumb said he has to post them to
members it shows how out of touch this man is with changes in the law .

The investigator also finds I am guilty of sharing confidential information relating to the
former clerk being paid off and the proposed letting of the old gym.

I am told Cllrs are not protected by the whistle blowers act.

Personally I don't think I have done anything wrong and the information I published was
in the public interest, rather jokingly the investigator suggested I should have gone to
Leicestershire Police about the matter surrounding the Clerk.

I am disputing the £18,000 payment given to him after the annual return is sent to Grant Thornton
I have obtained copies of exempt minutes from Oakham Town Council and none of the
councils minutes show the required council permission was given for the two electronic payments.

More seriously the investigation report found that when Cllr Adam Lowe persuaded members to exclude me from all meetings relating to the Clerks pay off all held in a locked office
I had not breached any codes of conduct.

Cllr Adam Lowe and members of the council unlawfully excluded me from meetings.

The council will not accept that all members have the right to speak at meetings they
ignore reports telling that, Grant Thornton told them and now a independent investigator
is telling them.

Last year I had a conduct complaint upheld against Cllr Haley who often stops me from
speaking if he is chairing a meeting.

This week he was appointed our Mayor and I lost count how many times he interrupted me
and threatened to kick me out of the meeting.

So I hope he will read this part of the report very carefully:

Disruption at meetings 

5.1. It is alleged that Cllr Brookes disrupted the OTC meetings of 13 July 2016 and 10 August 2016 resulting in his exclusion from, the temporary adjournment of and the relocation of the meetings. 

Page 5 of 9  

 5.2. The Minutes of the OTC Meetings indicates that these events did indeed take place. 

5.3. In short Cllr Brookes says that he has not disrupted any meetings but he says just speaking at a meeting is often considered a disruption. 

5.4. Politics is a robust business and can elicit considerable passion. Members are elected to represent the interests of their constituents which may on occasion bring them into conflict with each other. Members would be failing in their duty if they did not ask questions, challenge and speak their minds. Procedural mechanisms should never be used to silence Members. Mr Plumb has indicated that there have been no further instances of disruption by Cllr Brookes since August 2016. 

5.5. In this context, it is inevitable that on occasion there will some disruption in meetings however unfortunate. This does not mean that as result there will be a breach of the Code. To maintain the right of Members to undertake their duties the threshold for disruption to constitute disrespect and a breach of paragraph 4.1.1 of the Code should be set fairly high. 

5.6. Wherever that threshold is set it has not been reached on this occasion and therefore there is no beach of the Code. 

Adam Lowe and Joyce Lucas, Haley  need to resign from the council they do not beleive
in democracy or any of it process's the feel everyone who is elected or co-opted must do
as they want,

Most of the members who followed the Mayor Adam Lowe like sheep have since resigned
from the council, so my conduct complaints relating to my unlawful exclusion is limited
to Cllrs Lowe, Lucas and Haley.

When I emailed Adam Lowe and Joyce Lucas yesterday about this ongoing matter they both
objected and rather oddly Cllr Adam Lowe resigned from a working group he had just been
appointed to.
As specially as it is mental health week and I find what Cllr Lowe and his chums about me
offensive I will not suggest he has a issue and just finish by saying he is happy to write
to a fellow Libdem member in an offensive manner. He should do the decent thing and resign
he has caused year of pain and public expense.

Cllr Joyce Lucas has done the same and more recently she has taken to publicly attacking
my friends as part of her role of representing the council on outside bodies.
fortunately she is no longer representing the council on those outside bodies.

Cllrs Lowe and Luicas are the only remaining Councillors who are preventing the council
from working.

We now have a team made up of many retired professionals who want a council that
serves our town in a proper way. I just hope they don't get to angry and leave. One of the new
Councillors left at the room at the end of the AGM very angry after noticing a 'fraudulent ' change
to our minutes.

The old guard is now only three.