Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oakham Town Council Minutes Can It Get Any Worse

At last nights AGM we were asked to accept the minutes for the April meeting.
The minutes are full of mistakes.

Over the last year since appointing a locum clerk there have been many issues with the
minutes at almost every meeting.

The April minutes has to be the worse, some members publicly expressed
their opinion at last nights meeting.

In the exempt part of the meeting I attempted to do the same but Cllr Michael
Haley interrupted me and said I was being being defamatory.

When we considered the minutes Cllr Bennett was the most vocal and I agree
with all he said.

Cllr Romney was a little angry and I could understand why.

I had not seen a copy of the amended minutes. So I asked the Chairman Cllr Michael
Haley for a copy, He said I could see one after the meeting. this is not the first time
this has happened a few meetings ago Cllr Adam Lowe suggested I get up to look
over Allison's shoulder to approve an exempt minute when the council was refusing
to distribute them to members.

I really don't know what is wrong with a few people at this council we
are being asked to to approve a legal document without seeing it.
Fortunately Cllr Romney let me look at his copy and at a glance I could see
at least one new inaccurate change.

We had a copy of a exempt minute and a good memory the council had not
agreed something but some one had decided to just pop in we had. I say pop
in because there was no mention of the decisions in the original draft.

This is not the first time minutes have been changed to favour a few members preference
I have seen a minute has been changed after it had been approved.

The minutes were approved by a majority vote I think  this is the first time a large
number of members have objected to the minutes,

I am very pleased the new members recently co-opted are now speaking out
and it is sad to see the few old members are becoming very defensive.

It is also good the old members are now so few, if we are lucky this could result
in a big change at the council.

A council that actually serves the people of Oakham would be good.

despite the majority of members approving the minutes subject to agreed changes
and the chairman signing the record copy. the clerk has sent them out again today

Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 11:39 AM
From: "Allison Greaves"
To: "Allison Greaves"
Subject: April TC Minutes
Dear All

Following on from last night, please find attached the minutes from April’s meeting.  I was not present at that meeting so therefore I would be grateful if members could please advise me of the amendments and errors you have stated, so the minutes can be amended correctly,

Thank you

It would appear know one kept a record of the proposed changes I could not work out the
proposed changes so voted against the minutes.

There are a few times I feel sorry for Allison 

Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 12:07 PM
From: "Allison Greaves"
To: "'Martin Brookes'"
Subject: RE: Expenditure
Cllr Brookes,

Thank you for your email.

Council agreed to approve the minutes subject to amendments.
Therefore I need the amendments.