Thursday, May 25, 2017

What is the true return figure for Oakham Neighbourhood Plan

At our last main council meeting Councillor Michael said 33% of the forms delivered
had be returned.

I recently posted a photograph of forms not delivered and paid for by the tax payers
of Oakham.

The Neighbourhood Plan website give a lower figure for forms returned.

'5th May 2017

Thank you to the 1,592 households and businesses of Oakham and Barleythorpe who took the time to complete the Big Survey. This equates to a 29% response rate. This is a fantastic effort. 

5,500 Neighbourhood Plan Surveys were delivered to households and businesses in Oakham & Barleythorpe by members and volunteers of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Big Survey was also available for people to complete online.  '

Today I found a pile of completed forms and non delivered forms in the coffee cupboard
at Oakham Town Council.

These forms have replaced paper work and cheque books for the Oakham United Charities
and other old Oakham Town Council files.