Monday, June 26, 2017

Burley Road Oakham Closed

Burley Road Oakham  Closed

A lot of drivers don't see the signs.

Which does make it a bit dangerous for the pedestrians as some driver squeeze
through the cones and some even drive on the footpath.

Emergency Road Closure Burley Road, Oakham, Rutland

Emergency Road Closure Burley Road, Oakham

Emergency Road Closure  Burley Road, Oakham from 16:00 hours today (Monday 19th June) due to power faults along  Burley Road over the weekend.

It will be closed between the High Street and Station Road for 2 weeks with access as far as MY Dentist. All businesses and Burley Road Car Park will have access.

The diversion route will be Burley Road (B668), Burley Park Way and Stamford Road with a reciprocal route.