Monday, June 05, 2017

Oakham in Bloom Planting Day 2017

Oakham in Bloom Planting Day

Once again volunteers worked hard to make our look good.

A lot of people turned up to help and disappeared once the cameras moved on
and left a small group of loyal volunteers to spend most of the day planting,
well done and thank you.

Yesterday reminded me, a little of the experience of small parish churches find
when cameras turn up for songs of praise.

Cllr Joyce Lucas was busy along with Craig co-coordinating the
the planting. Cllr Lucas planted a few plants in the pots outside
the library.

This year I have decided I will not be weeding the streets in the
town as I did with others last year, that is a job for Rutland County Council.

Pippy Woodley with Flo Oakham in Blooms fundraiser.
Oakham in Bloom currently have to raise all their own money
for plants in the town.

The ugly hanging baskets which should have arrived last week
are paid for by Oakham Town Council

Pippy Woodley has this week resigned from Oakham in Bloom
due to the poor conduct of the two shown in the other photograph.

This young lady is visiting Oakham from New Zealand
and spent the day helping her grandparents planting.

The Rutland Mercury reported Oakham in Bloom was set to cheer up

I think Oakham Bloom committee members certainly needed some
cheering up over the last few weeks there have been some
heated moments, which have ended in tears for more than one of the committee

Whilst filming was talking place volunteers were busy planting and one was
asked to be part of the filming. They responded with I don't want to tread
on  any ones toes and they are always arguing.

As filming was happening a resident from Cllr Lucas's ward cycled past and
shouted what is the 'witch' doing here. Cllr Lucas is very popular with most
of the residents she represents.