Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Oakham Rutland Today

Oakham Rutland Today

Elder Flower Church Passage 

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Market Street

Mobile Phone Covers

The War Memorial and Poppies 

I picked up a copy of the Oakham Festival Listings
I wonder what the committee actually does its
rubbish only a week of mainly events that would 
happen if there was no festival, I never understand 
why the big band event is ever included in the
Festival, most tickets are given free to parents
of Oakham School printing the event in the brochure 
is a waste of paper and money.

Black Bird on Church Wall


Castle Cottage Cafe

Cavner and Son Fish

Church Street Oakham

Dean Street Oakham Closed

Dean Street Oakham

New Ugly Addition to Dean Street 

Dog in Church Yard



Kavanagh's a lovely place to drink tea

Labour's Heather Peto Campaigning in Oakham

Replacing the Towns Electric Mains

Nut Seller

The Market Place

The Merry Monk 
Church Street