Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oakham Town Centre 2018 Rutland County Council Improvement Scheme

Oakham Town Centre 2018 Rutland County Council Improvement Scheme

Rutland County Council is proposing to transform Oakham Town Centre
in 2018

This Wednesday Rutland County Council will be starting a public consultation
in the market place.

Once again Oakham Town Council proves it serves no purpose to the people
of Oakham.

Oakham Town Council has not contributed to the two proposal the County
Council is putting to the people

In February this year Cllr Michael Haley attended a meeting at Rutland
County Council with another member and it would seem he felt that
there was nothing of interest for the Town Council to consider.
He or the other member did not report anything to the Council.

The matter has not been put on this weeks agenda.

The leader of Rutland County Council tells me there was another
meeting in April and a third proposal was dropped. No one from
Oakham Town Council attended that meeting.

I wonder why the Cllr Haley the deputy Chairman decided not to
let the Council know what was going on?

I think it is a disgrace that Oakham Town Council has not been involved in
this major project.

Cllr Haley is currently causing havoc with the Neighbourhood plan
the last month saw the resignation of a Rutland County Council Representative
Oliver Bird, who now says the Plan is not community led as it should be it
is led by the town council. I would say it is led by Cllr Haley Oakham Town
Council receives very poor reports and spending requests from him.
This week we have been told the Chairman is resigning, it is normal for
Neighbourhood Chairman to stay in place until the plan is completed.

Cllr Haley the kind Councillor is now our Mayor and only writes to me
to be rude or to instruct me to jump out in front of a bus.

Cllr Haley likes to do everything, when a working group is set up he refuses
to organise a meeting and goes on holiday and delays a persons project because
he is away, its a shame he did not stay away.

Rutland County Council are currently looking at options to improve Oakham Town Centre and the High Street.
They want to make improvements that will create a better environment for pedestrians, cyclists and shoppers and encourage more visitors into the town. 
This is your opportunity to help make Oakham Town Centre better. They are exploring two different options and would like your feedback as part of their ongoing public consultation.
Please continue reading to find out more about these exciting proposals and share your views.
You can also find out more about the Oakham Town Centre Improvement Scheme by reading our Town Centre FAQ.

Option A

Increased and enhanced pedestrian space, revised parking and Market Place improvements. One-way system.
This would include:
  • Use of premium stone, paving slabs and other materials to match local surroundings
  • Wider pavements on the High Street, Market Place and at the entrance to Mill Street, with more trees and public seating
  • Revised parking layout with loading bays for shops and businesses
  • 20mph zone with one-way traffic and cycle lane for contra-flow cycling
  • Improved junction layout with pedestrian crossings on Burley Road

Option B

Enhanced pedestrian environment and road space redesign, Market Place improvements. Two-way system.
This would include:
  • Use of premium stone, paving slabs and other materials to match local surroundings
  • Improved Market Place area with one-way circulation and wider pavements 
  • Enhanced pedestrian environment with some trees and public seating
  • 20mph zone with two-way traffic flow retaining current parking layout along the High Street
  • Existing junction layout retained on Burley Road


Please share your views on the proposed designs for Oakham Town Centre by telling Rutland County Council if you prefer Option A or Option B. 
You can also give more detailed feedback by writing in the  text area provided.

Consultation closes on Friday 7th July 2017. Rutland County Council will then review all the responses and produce a detailed Town Centre design based on your feedback. This design will be subject to a second  round of consultation in autumn 2017. Work to implement a final design will begin in spring 2018. 

You can also visit the Mobile Exhibition in the market
place from 8pm Wednesday 14th June 2017