Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM characterised a new Oakham Town Councillor as a Cancerous Growth

Over the last few weeks something about the conduct of Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM towards my fellow Councillors has been troubling me.
Under the Nolan Principles which apply to the conduct of people in public life, one of which is
leadership - as a councillor, you should promote, support and exhibit high standards of conduct
and be willing to challenge poor behaviour.

The following series of events I would like to put to you as the reader of this blog for your opinion.

The Deputy Chairman resign due to his own poor conduct being pointed out to him by another
member of the council.

He objected to being told he had fallen below standards expected from any Councillor.
When emails were exchange following his resignation Cllr Joyce Lucas described the
Councillor who pointed out his poor conduct as a Cancerous Growth.

I feel shocked to the core that she would chose to use such a shocking description in a
flippant  way and any one who has been effected or lost a loved one to cancer,  must be
shocked and sadden by her choice of words as I am.

If you feel the Nolan principle is applicable here please contact me by email on the following address
so I can forward your concern with my own for the councils consideration.