Thursday, July 27, 2017

Domino's Pizza Oakham Rutland 'Aggressive Advertising'

Domino's Pizza Oakham Rutland 'Aggressive Advertising'

Men and Woman dressed as spider man advertising Dominoes
Pizza's £6.99!

Described as aggressive advertising by Rutland Radio.

Has any one seen their panther apparently it ate Stamford
the bear for the job. :-)

Some local people have objected on social media, a tad of snobbery
'do we really needs this here in Rutland'

Others have said we all know there is a dominoes pizza here in
It would be interesting to know if that was true, many people
do just drive through town and I am often told by people they
are popping into town to a shop that closed down a few years
At a council meeting once members did not even know what
was across the road from Victoria Hall.

There is a serious concern and this has been highlighted
by a Uppingham Journalist.

That is Dominoes appears not to be providing staff with
clothing for when it is raining. She has raised her concern
via twitter with Alan Duncan MP and Rutland County Council.

Dominoes employs a lot of local people so I have no
problem with them trading in our town.

What I do object to is when you apply for a job the
local branch ignores data protection rights and
uses your mobile number to spam you with local

Fortunately my new phone can now block text and phone calls
from unwanted numbers.