Tuesday, July 11, 2017

IPCC Appeal Leicestershire Police Rutland County Council Oakham Town Council Upheld

IPCC Appeal Leicestershire Police Rutland County Council Oakham Town Council Upheld

After five years I now have a piece of paper, well several from the IPCC who have
'as such' have decided to uphold my appeal against Leicestershire Police.

The Casework Manager Christina Davis suggests I may not be happy with all her
findings. I have no issue with the findings.

My biggest issue is there is to be no action once again to be taken against Inspector
Mistry. How many complaints need to be upheld before Leicestershire Police
realise they have a very weak and duff Inspector within their ranks.
I say once again because it is public record that there have been many complaints
upheld against the Inspector and no action taken.

It is also interesting how Inspector Johnny Monks who in my opinion was the first
officer to create a special relationship with The CEO of Rutland County Council
is never mentioned, he created this mess  and handed it over to Inpsector Mystry.

From the IPCC findings it is very clear Inspector Mystry was put under extreme pressure from
Helen Briggs the CEO of Rutland County Council and other Councillors at the
time and he was not strong enough in my opinion to fend of that pressure.
He also influenced an officer he brought in to carry out an independent investigation.

I  object to some of the personal opinion like my reaction to the conduct of
former Cllr Charles Haworth was childish.

As for the civil route I am 100% sure if I had the money I could have taken successful action
against Charles Haworth after all, the district Judge did describe his conduct as Homophobic
Crude and Crass. How should I have reacted perhaps I should have smashed his windows
as some one else did last month.

At the time I was also bombarded with offensive post addressed to Peodo Brookes
telling me to keep my nose out of Oakham Town Councils business and attaacked
in many other was for not following that demand, which was all very upsetting and still is.
Of course my battle with Oakham Town Councils old guard still goes on and will continue that.

My battle with Leicestershire Police has come to an end now, I have no money to
sue them for the complaint that was previously upheld.

I find my current professional relationship with Leiestershire Police has improved.
As has my relationship with Rutland County Council. Most of the rotten members if not
all have now gone. We still have the same chief executive and I can say things have improved
with her.

As for Oakham Town Council who I accuse of being responsible for most of this
mess, it is still not working mainly because the new members who are the majority
appear to be afraid to speak out against the most dreadful members of the old guard
who still remain, like Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM who is a homophobic, bigoted bully.