Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Oakham Town Centre Plans 2018 Oakham Town Council Fails Residents

Oakham Town Council has seriously let down its residents.

Many residents are now aware that Rutland County Council has consulted resident
at stage two of its plans for Oakham Town Centre 2018.

The item has never been considered or debated at any town council meeting.

I find it very disappointing that once again a major issue effecting our town has
never found its way to a Town Council Agenda.

Now it is far too late communications like that shown below are starting to circulate.

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for letting me know this residents past employment, I am not sure how relevant this is to the subject matter.

It is of course interesting reading the residents opinions and suggestions and I hope Rutland County Council
will consider this response and those of all the residents.

As for Oakham Town Council debating the matter it is now too late, thanks to our current chairman attending only one meeting this year at Rutland County Council and deciding that something so major effecting our town would not be of interest
to the council.

You state you have only found one resident who supports the plans. I am sure there is more than one as we have not consulted our residents formally we shall never know.

I wonder how many residents actually know that Oakham Town Council has not taken part in this consultation?

As a council we have once again seriously let down all the residents of Oakham and I once again question the purpose or need for this council.

As for your suggestion of surgery I trust you have shared the information from yours with Rutland County Council and wonder why you never share anything with Oakham Town Council?
Perhaps it's all gossip. Or scare mongering, misconception rumour as mentioned by the former Mayor Paul Beech in his post on the Rutland Debate Facebook Page
he debates yours and another recent letters on this subject published in the Rutland Mercury.
His comment are all things which for far too many years you have been guilty of along with you very unpleasant conduct towards a number of residents.

Paul Beech's post

Rutland Debate

I read in the Rutland & Stamford Mercury this weekend that the debate about the town centre is gathering momentum, (not that one). There are two letters from last week that are quite interesting but from different perspectives. One an obviously concerned the other from what I can only assume is a confused town councillor.
From the resident comes a level assumption, quite rightly in my view, that we don't need a one-way system and its obvious ramifications to the surrounding street and its residents.
The other seems to be scare mongering about the refusal to make the roundabout at Balmoral Road and Braunston Road junction bigger, (why and how? surely it would be better going back to a 'stop' crossroads junction) and the further misconception that there are plans already in RCC Planning Department for the development of a "housing estate" on the allotments at Brooke Brooke Road.
There are currently no planning applications in for that area at all, although there are rumours abound.
It's a shame the town councillor didn't do their homework first.
If this is the level of understanding that our town custodians have of where we are and what we need in Oakham, then we are in deep doo-doo.

To conclude If the council had been properly informed of the subject at hand and the meetings at Rutland County Council, I am sure we could have spoken to residents and gained their opinion and concerns to include in  any response we could have made to Rutland County Council.

I trust the council will take part stage three of the consultation so we don't end up with a town that looks like  a cladded Victorian terrace house. Perhaps this could be the time we work with Rutland County Council and assist them as much as we can.


Cllr Martin Brookes Liberal Democrat Member
of a Town Council in a little town in a little county
that does little for the community

Oakham South East Ward Councillor
13 Willow Crescent
LE15 6EQ

Tel: 07508060962

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Tim sent me a copy . Perhaps members might like to know that Tim was the well respected Museum Curator for Rutland County Museum.

I have only found ONE member of the public who agrees with the proposals. On reflection perhaps OTC, like me, should have held a surgery to find out what the public wanted. From the many people who rang me the overwhelming question asked was about the on-way system.....It was very interesting.



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From: Clough [mailto:shoestring21@btinternet.com]
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Subject: Oakham Town Centre plans

Dear Ms Greaves,

Please find attached a copy of the representation we have made to the County Council regarding the options relating to the possible development of Oakham High Street and its surroundings, which are causing us great concern.

We would be very grateful if you would kindly circulate this to the members of the Town Council so that they can be made aware of the feelings of local residents, and take this into consideration when debating the issue and responding to the County Council.

Yours sincerely,

Tim & Joy Clough