Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oakham Town Clerk Allison Greaves Tells Councillors Something is unlawful and then asks them to do it

Oakham Town Clerk Allison Greaves Tells Councillors Something is unlawful and then asks them to do it.

This is another example of our clerks poor conduct, the sort of thing I would object to in
email and not on my blog.

Nearly all members have had basic training from the LRAC and all have been told
it is unlawful to conduct any council business outside a meeting and this includes
email and telephone.

This rule is constantly ignored by Oakham Town Council.

When I simply ask for a council that does things correctly I am accused of bullying.
I can not respond to the clerk due to unlawful sanctions banning me from any
communication or contact with the clerk.

The Clerk is aware of this and is willing to make a council decision excluding my

If was to reply firstly I would say the young ladies involved should be told to write
to the council seeking permission in the same way every other user of Cutts Close
is expected to do so and then I would ask why they have only just decided to ask
speaking to a person who knows about the NCS I found it is highly likely the
girls would have known they need to organise things back in April.

Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 11:08 AM
From: "Allison Greaves"
To: "Adam Lowe" , "Anne Skipworth" , "Joyce Lucas" , "Michael Haley " , "David Romney" , "Peter ind" , "Sally Anne Wadsworth " , martinbrookes@politician.com
Subject: Request to use Cutts Close park
Dear Members,

Council business should not be conducted via email but given the timescale I would welcome a response if you would support or not.

Yesterday afternoon I received a telephone call from a young lady and a couple of friends who are taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS).
They have asked if they could please use Cutts Close park on Monday 31st July, between 10am – 3pm with a stall to sell cakes and sweets for charity.

The NCS is a UK Government voluntary personal and social development programme for 15–17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland, funded largely by government money. The scheme takes place coinciding with school holidays. Groups of teenagers undertake a week-long residential visit, usually to an activity centre for an Outward Bound-style course and after this, volunteers undertake a residential week, gaining a taste of independent living and learning a variety of skills for their future. In the third week, participants deliver a 'social action' project in their local community, often to raise awareness of or fundraise for a particular cause.

Allison Greaves | Clerk to the Council
Oakham Town Council, Victoria Hall, 39 High Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6JD
01572 723627 | agreaves@oakhamtowncouncil.gov.uk