Friday, July 21, 2017

Oakham Town Council Health and Safety Failures Clerk Allison Greaves Neglect Cutts Close Play Area

Oakham Town Council Health and Safety Failures Clerk Allison Greaves Neglect Cutts Close Play Area

The above piece of damaged equipment
has been reported by at least two 
members of the council months ago

The above damaged seat was reported 
by Cllrs and a member of the public
months ago
The Clerk has delegated authority to 
get this fixed

I would have thought all the faults in the parks
would have been fixed before the school 
summer holidays.

Former Clerk Richard White always inspected and looked
after the play areas and they were kept to a high standard
since he departed the council the play areas look very
shabby and neglected.

This piece of equipment has been highlighted as
concern by Wickstead a possible  risk of a childs limb 
being squashed under it because it no longer
turns level.

I have refrained from posting many of Oakham 
Town Councils faults on my blog because I was able to 
communicate with the clerk, now she complains
I am harassing and being vexatious, this has resulted
in the council banning me from contacting her

I believe it is a Councillors duty to point out
dangers and to point out when the Clerk
does not do their job.

Apparently that is not the case at Oakham Town
Council all they are worried about is the Clerk
might want money for constructive dismissal
and then they unlawfully implement sanctions 
against me, rather dealing with the problem

We have a clerk who is either not able to do her
job or just cant be bothered. The problem is  when 
she worked as assistant for Richard White 
she tells me she was never given any work to do.

It also appears that the Councillors are not interested
in what is not being done 

The Clerk is failing to comply with the requirements
of the transparency act and Councillor seem to 
be happy with that also.

Oakham Town Council Health and Safety Failures Clerk Allison Greaves Neglect Willow Crescent Play Area

Although it is unlawful for a council to investigate members or sanction members
Oakham Town Council has decided to do both, all because the Clerk does not
like to be questioned about anything.

Months ago I reported this play equipment has loose fittings my emails have been

All three of our play areas have damage and dangerous equipment

It is apparently employment harassment for a Councillor to report the faults to the
clerk and ask for updates.

It would appear no other member of the council is interested in the Health and Safety
of the Children who use these areas.

The Council pay Wickstead Leisure to inspect the play equipment and most of the concerns
are ignored and reports are never present to full council.

Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 7:53 PM
From: MJHaley 
To: "Martin Brookes" 
Cc: "Peter ind" , "Adam Lowe" , "Anne Skipworth" 
Subject: Administrative sanctions
Dear Cllr Brookes

During  Council’s EGM held on 19 July 2017, Council resolved to introduce the following administrative  measures with immediate effect:

1.    All e-mail sent by Cllr Brookes to the Clerk’s office are blocked and Cllr Brookes is advised to send his Council related e-mail to the Chairman. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will act as a filter between the Clerk’s office and Cllr Brookes.
2.    The Clerk is instructed not to respond to incoming phone calls from Cllr Brookes. Cllr Brookes is advised to contact the Chairman or in his absence, the Vice Chairman with any urgent Council related business. The Chairman or Vice Chairman will determine whether it is urgent or could be dealt with by e-mail or letter.
3.    The Clerk is instructed not to respond to any unarranged visits to the office by Councillor Brookes. Councillor Brookes is asked to make arrangements for any necessary visits with the Chairman who will, in consultation with the Clerk, arrange for himself or the Vice Chairman to be present during any such visit. 
4.    Before, during and immmediately after Council and Council Committtee meetings, the Clerk is accompanied by at least one other councillor whilst Cllr Brookes is present.
5.    The effectiveness of these measures to be reviewed by the Staffing Committee after a period of 3 months. The Staffing Committee with advise Council if they are coinsidered to be effective or if not, what additional measures may be required to reduce the identified risks.
 Kind regards
Cllr  Michael Haley
Chairman Oakham Town Council