Monday, July 31, 2017

Where are the Princess Avenue Plants Cllr Joyce Lucas?

Where are the Princess Avenue Plants Cllr Joyce Lucas?

Cllr Lucas recently told a production company working for the BBC that she had
created a pollinators dining area in the corner of Princess Avenue Oakham.

So walked up to see the completed project which I had supported and now wish
I had not done so.

It was a difficult fight to get the council to minute the approval of the expenditure
we agreed.

The Council agreed to pay Cllr Lucas up to £200 she went away and promptly
according an email she sent to all members spent more than the £200 and
provided a list of plants purchased.

I am no plant expert but I can count and the number of small plants I managed
to find does not match any where near the list provided.

I have asked the council more than once where are the plants and received no

This is another example of how Oakham Town Council fails to properly account
for the spending of public money.

I wonder if the production company visited and filmed Cllr Lucas's effort?