Thursday, August 03, 2017

Meeting Oakham Town Partnership Stan Stubbs in Cutts Close Oakham

Meeting Oakham Town Partnership Stan Stubbs in Cutts Close Oakham

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Stan Stubbs a Tory and former Town
Councillor and Current member of the non democratic Town Partnership
or better known as the club or nursing home for failed Town Councillors
members include the former Mayor Alf Dewis who resigned from the council
after auditors agreed some of his spending of public money was unlawful.

Stan Stubbs took to threatening me with his walking stick today.
Then he proceeded to leave the park in his car with out much due care
or attention.

Now I know why Councillor Lucas is telling people to warn me that
I might get run over for interfering in council business.

Stan Stubbs along with his pathetic threat of bashing me with his walking
stick added people don't just want you off the council they want you removed
from Oakham. apparently everyone who speaks to Stan Stubbs is demanding

I am not bothered by his threats or comment what bothers me is he should
not be driving a car in Cutts Close Park but it would seem rules don't apply
to Stan Stubbs or Cllr Lucas who often drives and parks in the park to
avoid paying Rutland County Councils parking charges.

It is particularly wrong at this time due to the park being used by
children on School Holiday