Monday, August 07, 2017

Royce Recreation Ground Tree Oakham Town Council

Royce Recreation Ground Tree Oakham Town Council

Once again the Clerk of Oakham Town Council has refused my right to an agenda
item without giving one of the few lawful reasons for doing so.

A resident contacted me again regarding a tree and the issues surrounding it.
The have pleaded for the council to end their 14 years of misery caused by
Cllr Joyce Lucas over two months ago.

So I am surprised to see that the Clerk and Cllr Joyce Lucas have now produced
an agenda item for us to consider this Wednesday.

Why the Clerk and Cllr Lucas think this is acceptable when their failings are the
cause of the residents anguish.

In 2015 I brought this matter to council and the council agreed an annual maintenance
program, which has not been followed.

Cllr Lucas is suggesting nothing is done to the tree before 2019?

The tree has cost the council thousands of pounds over the years.

I am not a fan of felling healthy trees, I am also not a fan of the way Cllr Lucas
treats people, so I believe the tree should be felled.

Oddly Cllr Lucas quotes Alan Titchmarsh. and his suggestion that cherry trees
should not be butchered. I am no tree expert but I look at the tree and can only
think it has been butchered.

I have asked the Council to include my original report and photographs as an additional appendix
I have not received a response.