Monday, October 17, 2016

John Kennedy Ex Oakham Town Councillors Facebook Post "somebody will physically assault him" referring to me

Thank you to the person who sent me ex Cllr John Kennedy's Facebook posts
I am blocked so I don't see them all.

I don't understand Mr Kennedy obsession and his description of the facebook page
I do not post vicious verbal assaults on people on any facebook page.

I post criticism about our town council on my blog and post link on my facebook page.

Mr Kennedy has not only complained to the police, he has also made conduct complaints
against me stating the same but provided no evidence.

Mr Kennedy is a very bitter unhappy man and plays a very stupid game only a few months
ago he was sending me emails which were disgusting sent to him from our Mayor Adam Lowe
about me. Since then he appears to have made up with Cllrs Lowe, Hopkins, Haley, Stubbs and
Lucas and joined their tiresome campaign against me.

All I ask is for a council that does the simplest of things correctly, When I ask for an audit report to be brought to council it should be presented to council as the external auditor publishes on his report display in the notice board outside the council.
Mr Kennedy should go and read it.

I am doing my job as a councillor and this old mob don't like it, I will not be intimidated
with the suggestion of violence they have done it before.

The used the late Philip Quinton to do and he was convicted.

I assume Mr Kennedy recently complained to the police because in my private capacity
I responded to one of his threatening emails rather fed up I told him to get lost and to Piss Off.
I am not proud that these people push me to that level.

Perhaps Mr Kennedy should visit his doctor and start popping a few pills like Cllrs Lucas and Hopkins if he can't cope with my comments about this dysfunctional town council

The monitoring officers report states the council is not working and I react to the conduct
of people like Mr Kennedy. I try not to but the constant barrage and exclusion from council
activities makes it very hard.

So in my private capacity Mr Kennedy will you please get lost and leave me alone.

And whilst on the subject of popping pills I wonder if anyone else has noticed how
many Oakham Town Councillor past and present have been signed of sick

We had a deputy Mayor Charles Haworth who was absolutely disgusting and used by the
old guard.

We now have Joyce Lucas who tell me the doctor gives her pills to cope because of me!
and the latest addition is Cllr Jasmine Hopkins who asks members to drive her home
because she has chosen to move into a house near me and she tells everyone she feel
unsafe. These are the people who are unfit to be Councillor not me. I am not knocking
their illness but if you are knocking back bottles of prescribed pills and booze its not going
to make you a good Cllr.

Good Cllrs are excluded and bullied for speaking to me. Cllr Jasmine Hopkins does
not even care that she made one Cllr cry after a meeting, that same Cllr snapped at the
very rude Cllr Stubbs last week. I asked the Cllr not to get upset like the previous time.
They said they would not Jasmine was different because it felt personal as they went
to primary school together.

That reminds me of the Cllr who claims they went to School with the Mayor and he
was bullied by him at school.

The old guard is a very small group of people and these are the people who are
destroying peoples lives not me.

I do not know how we resolve this current situation but the idiot of a monitoring officer
fueled this when even though she said I reacted to poor conduct she told the council they
could exclude me from all council activities. Simply giving the old guard what they wanted
on a plate and fueling the fire. Well done Mrs Mogg!


Johns Facebook post:

Dear Mr Kennedy,
Per our conversation just now, here is your Crime No. 1600031831
As stated this was crimed as Malicious Communications.
As the DI has explained in his working sheet that I have read to you - he does not feel the criteria are met, therefore the crime will be deleted.
Leics. Police.
One of the reasons they gave was that as a councillor I should be able to take abuse from the public, thing is I AM NOT A COUNCILLOR! I wonder if I wrote to this Detective Inspector and told him to **** *** would they take the same view, or would I get banged up? As I explained to the Policeman on the telephone, Brookes is now upsetting so many people, at some point, somebody will physically assault him, I did stress it would not be me, as I am not a violent person, but if he is allowed to keep getting away with these vicious verbal assaults on people on his Facebook page and via email, somebody will take the law into their own hands, I am certain of it.