Monday, October 17, 2016

John Kennedy Ex Town Councillor say I am deluded for stating what is said on a Rutland Radio Report

John Kennedy Ex Town Councillor say I am deluded for stating what is said on a Rutland Radio Report

Perhaps Mr Kennedy should listen to the recording before he makes such defamatory comments
about me.

The report is correct there is a problem with other Councillors two recent conduct complaints
upheld prove that.

One Cllr Stubbs calling me a bastard in a meeting

Two Cllr Haley preventing me from speaking at a meeting he was chairing.

That is just part of the friction.

If Tracy Carr wishes now to just blame then that's fine.

I asked to see her resignation letter and she sent me a very unpleasant response

Johns facebook post sent to me:

John Kennedy - Brookes now posts on his Facebook page that Tracy resigned because of "other councillors", yet Tracy herself confirms on this group, she resigned purely because of Brookes. This guy is truly deluded!

Councillor Brookes

Let me make this perfectly clear. Do not communicate with me.

I am not an Oakham Town Councillor nor do I live in the ward that you represent. We are not friends and thankfully we are no longer associates.

If you do not adhere to my wishes then I will take further action.  This email address is no longer being used for council business.

I took to social media not because I wanted to but because I was fed up about the speculation, like you I chose to voice my opinions. 

I will not be releasing my letter to you, if you chose to go down the FOI route so be it. 

Now once again I kindly request that you stop all communication with me and please do not respond to this email. 


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On 17 Oct 2016, at 00:36, Martin Brookes <> wrote:

Dear Oakham Town Council
please provide me with a copy of Tracy Carrs resignation letter
ex mayor paul beech told me to look at a post he published on facebook
i did and see tracy blames me for resigning i find this surprising as at
the last meeting we seemed to be fine. 
as she state on social media the letter states things about me I see no
reason why you should not release it to me.
i understand the mayor and his deputy are likely to send something to the media
this week i would suggest they think before they send anything about me
people can see the council is doing wrong and they can not accept me challenging 
that. The auditors comments last year said that and this years shows more failings
regarding the reports.
as this is being copied to the media can i ask if you received any communcations
from anyone that includes my name please redact it. I am fed up with the way
i am treated 
comments on social media fuelled by paul beech and tracy carr are unaceptable
the comments made by the taxi driver berridge are childish and the ones suggesting 
a lynch mob and running me out of town are quite disturbing.
Martin Brookes