Sunday, December 04, 2016

Kiwanis Santa Sleigh Tour Stamford, Ryhall, Ketton and Wittering Dates and Times

Kiwanis Santa Sleigh Tour

Multiple dates from Sunday, December 4th to Monday, December 19th

Dec 4 5 pm The area of Perth Road, Caithness Road, Dickens Drive
Dec 5 5.30pm Fitzwilliam Road, Cambridge Road, Mountbatten Avenue, Lambeth Walk
Dec 6 5.30pm Rutland Heights
Dec 7 No outing Kiwanis Meeting
Dec 8 5.30pm Arran Road, Cedar Road, Oak Road
Dec 9 5.30pm Mason Drive, Banks Crescent, Collins Ave., Belvoir Close, Chatsworth Road
Dec 11 5 pm Rutland Road, Lincoln Road, Irnham, Masterton Road, Willoughby Road
Dec 12 5.30pm Churchill Road, Edinburgh Road, the west end of Kesteven Road
Dec 13 5.30pm Easton on the Hill, Collyweston
Dec 14 5.30pm Ryhall
Dec 15 5.30pm Ketton
Dec 16 5.30pm Queen Street, Essex Road, Sussex Road, Northumberland Avenue
Dec 18 5 pm Lonsdale Road, Sutherland Way, Highlands Way
Dec 19 5.30pm Wittering

Stamford, Ryhall, Ketton and Wittering