Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oakham Town Council Budget 2017 - 2018 Why does Cllr Joyce Lucas remain a Councillor?

Oakham Town Council Budget 2017 - 2018 Why does Cllr Joyce Lucas remain a Councillor?

Cllr Joyce Lucas

For a long time now at Oakham Town Council, we have had to put up with the childish
conduct of Cllr Joyce Lucas. She would often at working groups and at exempt items
throw her rattle out of her pram and say "I am not doing anymore" because she has done
her bit. Now she says is doing the same very publicly at recorded meetings.

We still have no hearing loop because she complained it was something she was working
on. (for the last 5 years + ?)

At last nights meeting we rushed through considering the draft budget, because the chairman
Cllr Adam Lowe had a meeting with his wife planned, he told us she was more important than
the business of Oakham Town Council. I don't object to him finding his wife important, what
I object to is the lack of commitment to council business and never mind the money we
are asking the already stretched tax payers to pay. I have read many comments on social media
regarding the difficulties local families are finding paying Rutland County Councils tax demands
the highest in the country which includes a demand from Oakham Town Council.

One resident writes:

Trouble is Kate, it sounds as if there only capped on the social care part, so that means they can still inflict us with increases for other spending" and knowing Rutland council, they won't want to miss any opportunity to screw us the public for more money. I honestly don't know how these members of the council actually manage to sleep at night knowing the pain and stress they are putting people through. 😒

Another writes:

Think the words don't give a shit come to mind

After taking part in last nights meeting at Oakham Town Council and the chairman giving me five
seconds to express my concerns that residents have expressed to me about Oakham Town Councils
proposed 7.55% increase. People including the chairman spoke over me at the end of the meeting
packed away their papers etc. a common trait of some members throughout the meeting, showing a total lack of manners. I can truly say some members of Oakham Town Council don't give a shit as suggested by a member of the public. Cllr Stan Stubbs even said he had given up the will to
live as I attempted comment whilst being rudely interrupted. At one point I had to point out
how distracting it was to being trying to conduct council business whilst Cllrs Stan, Vince and Richard were laughing appearing to be sharing some sort of private joke.

I wish more people would watch the recording of meeting and see for themselves how unprofessional the council is. The monitoring officer does and publicly states the council is not working only for Oakham Town Council to ignore her comments,

Going back to the reason I ask the question why does Cllr Lucas remain a Councillor?

Part of the budget showed a large cut in the tree budget. Although we have trees falling down in
Cutts Close and an expensive tree survey lost. I pointed this out. Cllr Lucas decided at the meeting
the figure needed to be increased to £13,000, I am no expert when it comes to a tree budget but I do suspect this is rather too high. Cllr Lucas also complained she had been asking for an agenda item
for over six months. when I pointed out she was the Councils Tree Warden she said "I am not doing it I  have done my bit" this is one of the reasons the council is not working. If Cllr Lucaas is stating
publicly she has done her bit, why does she remain a Cllr? She should make way for a some one
who does want to do something.

The other is the failure of the office to follow instructions from Council some months ago we asked
the office to start the tendering process for a number of contracts that are now overdue due, nothing has been done and we were told work will start on that in January 2017. In the meantime we are asked to consider a draft budget based on figures "guessed".

I would not say I am perfect Councillor or have all the answers but I am concerned by what looks
like a lot of neglect, the tree issue is something that I raised five weeks ago. I wonder if some one
has to be hurt in one of our parks or on the nearby road before the council starts taking its role seriously?

At the same meeting after a long battle we considered the internal audit report and the acting clerk
read out dealt with the comments made in red. One of those comments was the lack of risk assessment reports and health and safety.  Cllr Michael Haley carefully made some helpful comments
pointing out the internal auditors comments were only recommendations and the council did not have to action an of those recommendations. I am sure he is mistaken in a few cases. I am not
sure any insurance company is going to be to pleased with the council if it ignored Health and Safety Legislation? Of course this is Oakham Town Council and I have never forgotten one of the first comments made to me when I first became a Cllr, "we are like a football club" "UK law does not apply to us" "if you don't like it get out" Fortunately that person is no longer at the council.

Cllr Joyce Lucas

Does not like the children who play in the park they don't like
her, she does not like dogs or balloons.

Last week she celebrated a birthday I sent her greetings and
she emailed me telling me she did not require Birthday greetings
from the likes of me.