Thursday, December 08, 2016

Oakham Town Council Budget Proposals Youth Services and Rutland Citizens Advice

Dear Allison

Please can you print the following for me for the meeting on 14th December 2016.  Because I don't own a printer
and we are not permitted to have our laptops at the council table due to there recording functions.

I have spoken to both Rutland County Council and Citizens Advice Rutland and
the result is these are my two budget proposals, I intend to ask the council to consider.

Thank you from

Martin Brookes OSE Cllr

Budget Proposal 1

Youth Services

"That a figure of £12k (or such other amount as the Council considers appropriate) is set aside in a ring fenced reserve to be expended on an acceptable bid to provide a group youth facility for young persons in school years 7, 8, and 9 on a weekly basis for 50 weeks in a 12 month period"

Young persons in Oakham who are in years 10 and upwards are able to visit a group youth facility in Oakham on a weekly basis.
No such provision currently exists for year groups 7, 8, and 9, and they are not allowed to share the older group event due to the excessive age range.

There is wide belief that young persons benefit from meeting in a safe, facilitated setting in which they can develop skills needed for later life, and learn vital protective behaviours at what can be a difficult and sometimes vulnerable time in their lives.

There is no specific statutory duty for the first tier authority to provide such group settings, and none is provided for this age group but it is hoped this can be achieved through the voluntary and possibly faith sectors with input and assistance from other organisations which might include the Town Council.

This is a request to set aside funds in a ring fenced reserve while a full working model is developed, at which stage a formal decision to commit to spend might be made following due diligence. The motion does not commit the council to any spend.

It is envisaged that group would be allowed to use existing premises, and that attendees would be entitled to access formal or informal one-to-one mentoring from staff provided and paid for by the first tier authority (as this is their responsibility requiring formal training, safeguarding assessments and recording).

It is difficult to prove the value of youth services positively, however it is more clear when a gap appears in the provision, and it is suggested recent issues around the Bus Station and similar locations indicate that further intervention is required to help young people make the right decisions to maximise their whole-life potential.

Budget Proposal 2

That a figure of £7,000 is set aside to contribute towards the funding of Rutland Citizens Advice for the financial year 2017 - 2018