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Oakham Town Council Budget Request for funding Group Youth Provision school years 7 through 9

Oakham Town Council Budget Request for funding Group Youth Provision school years 7 through 9

In an attempt to give our town Council a little more purpose I spoke to a Rutland County Councillor
to see how we could help and fill a much need gap in our community for the youth.

Since I made my proposal the with the help of a Rutland County Councillor I have been
publicly attacked by our Mayor and in emails, accused of wanting to bankrupt the council
and wanting to give money to Rutland County Council, this is far from the truth, we need
to take on more and provide a service to all in our community.
We can not keep on saying well we keep three small play areas, put up hanging baskets
and Christmas Lights and a few band concerts. We are not a village events committee we are a council of our county town and we should be doing more.

At the last meeting we were presented with a document that states we have £240,000 reserves
so I doubt if this £12,000 will bankrupt the Town Council.

Dear Allison 

Please accept my agenda item  for the next meeting 



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Date of Meeting: 11th January 2017

Report Aurthors: Cllr Martin Brookes and Rutland County Councillor

Title: Budget Request for funding Group Youth Provision school years 7 through 9

Applicable Strategy:


Budget Proposal
Youth Services

"That a figure of £12k (or such other amount as the Council considers appropriate) is set aside in a ring fenced reserve to be expended on an acceptable bid to provide a group youth facility for young persons in school years 7, 8, and 9 on a weekly basis for 50 weeks in a 12 month period"

Young persons in Oakham who are in years 10 and upwards are able to visit a group youth facility in Oakham on a weekly basis.
No such provision currently exists for year groups 7, 8, and 9, and they are not allowed to share the older group event due to the excessive age range.
There is wide belief that young persons benefit from meeting in a safe, facilitated setting in which they can develop skills needed for later life, and learn vital protective behaviours at what can be a difficult and sometimes vulnerable time in their lives.
There is no specific statutory duty for the first tier authority to provide such group settings, and none is provided for this age group but it is hoped this can be achieved through the voluntary and possibly faith sectors with input and assistance from other organisations which might include the Town Council.
This is a request to set aside funds in a ring fenced reserve while a full working model is developed, at which stage a formal decision to commit to spend might be made following due diligence. The motion does not commit the council to any spend.
It is envisaged that group would be allowed to use existing premises, and that attendees would be entitled to access formal or informal one-to-one mentoring from staff provided and paid for by the first tier authority (as this is their responsibility requiring formal training, safeguarding assessments and recording).

It is difficult to prove the value of youth services positively, however it is more clear when a gap appears in the provision, and it is suggested recent issues around the Bus Station and similar locations indicate that further intervention is required to help young people make the right decisions to maximise their whole-life potential.

The proposal is for a third party not-for-profit corporate body to be established to provide group youth facilities for Oakham youths (initially in years 7-9) with OTC having overarching strategic control
The proposal is not a request for funding for Rutland County Council (RCC),
The proposal is not a request to replace an existing service provided by RCC
No request has been made by or on behalf of RCC, and no such direct link should be inferred.

Youths resident in Oakham attending school years 7, 8 and 9 currently have no group meeting facilitated by any authority (First tier or other).
That age group is able to access one-to-one mentoring and advice via the youth options facility provided by RCC and based in Jules House, Cold Overton Road.

It is contended that a group setting would be a demonstrably good use of Oakham Town Council funds to support a group of Oakham residents currently lacking a facility that might be provided with the assistance of OTC funding.

The project must be directed at Oakham residents, and should have a working title including “Oakham” (ideas include “Oakham Youth Action” and similar)

It is anticipated that the group would be allowed to meet in the Jules facility so that requests for mentoring, together with any safeguarding or other issues raised in group sessions, could be referred to RCC staff.

Setting up and Support:
A resident of Oakham who is also a RCC councillor has offered up to £500 from personal funds to match-fund OTC for the initial setting up of the corporate body and scoping exercise.

It is not anticipated that funds would be directed to RCC other than where clearly advantageous (possible examples might be insurance, CRB checks, legal advice).

It is likely that any part-time paid worker would be on a consultancy basis (consultant to the corporate body not to OTC), though clearly an employment option might need to be considered.

It is estimated that the cost of running such a facility for 50 weeks including setting up would be £12,000, which would be set as a ceiling figure, and only spent after ongoing reports and council approval after the £1000 (50/50 match funded) set-up. 70% is estimated to be for part-time paid qualified worker and the balance direct costs of sessions (refreshments, materials, visits, speakers)

Subject to setting up the correct corporate body further funding might be sought from other organisations to reduce the contribution by OTC and / or increase the provision by age range or offer

Risk factors:
The primary risk factors are believed to be:
Inability to agree to use the Jules facility resulting in reduced sessions to match budget. (to be addressed during scoping exercise)
Delay in obtaining part time qualified person setting project back.

Failure of young persons to engage with new group facility. (mitigated by scoping exercise prior to spend beyond initial set-up)
Difficulty to recruit or retain  volunteers to support group session
Failure to secure ongoing financial support from other corporate bodies (mitigated by establishing correct form of corporate body)

It is believed that this proposal represents an exciting opportunity to improve the life-outcomes of Oakham’s youths (some of whom may be from a disadvantaged background) , with a clear OTC brand and genuine scope to develop further in the future, whilst working in partnership with other local organisations potentially in the voluntary and faith sectors.


1: The council Approve the Budget heading Youth Services with a earmarked budget of £12,000

2: The Council Agree to support the new youth project