Thursday, February 09, 2017

The LBGT Flag causes Homophobia at Oakham Town Council

The LBGT Flag causes Homophobia at Oakham Town Council

As this month is Gay History Month and I feel as if Rutland does not acknowledge it
as much if at all, like other local authorities. I decided to take a small LGBT flag
to Oakham Town Councils meeting.

Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM reacted in a way that made me feel quite upset.
When I placed the flag in a glass she mumbled and tutted and left the chamber.
When she returned to the council chamber and mumble something else as she
placed a small union flack in her glass, I asked politely what did you say?
She responded with you heard. I have replayed my audio recording and unfortunately
so many people are talking I could only here the end of her comment ...... I don't want
to be near you.

In the past Cllr Joyce Lucas has expressed her opinion by telling me that I was wrong
to celebrate my birthday in a gay bar with friends at it was wrong for me to share those
photographs on my blog, because I was bringing the council and position of Cllr into disrepute.
Those remarks also caused me a great deal of upset and offence.

The Chairman Adam Lowe acknowledge the flag and had no issue with them.
When Adam once told me the council did not like gay people he was partially correct
because I do not think that is true of all the members.

I wonder if there is an organisation that can educate those in public office here in
Rutland after all it is 2017

Cllr Joyce Lucas appears to be unwell at the moment but that is no excuse.
at the start of the meeting she stood and gave a statement rubbing her eyes.
Stating she was not crying and was fit to drive and she needed to state this
before the blogger clearly referring to me blogged otherwise. I wont comment
as I not a medical expert but when I get around to publishing the meeting video
people can make up their own mind and also note the random comments she make
towards me through out the meeting and the hand gesture or is wonderful.