Saturday, March 04, 2017

Rancom Security Leicestershire Police and Trading Standards Notice

Rancom Security Leicestershire Police and Trading Standards Notice

Rancom Security ( appear to be targeting the vulnerable/elderly charging an extortionate amount of money for a basic allegedly monitored alarm system. 

One of their ‘cold call’ salesmen has recently tried to charge an elderly couple over £3,000 for a contract ‘Lifeline’ type alarm system.  

The couple were quite chuffed because they had been given 50% discount for a system that shouldn’t have cost much more that £300. 

Whilst the company had contacted Leicestershire Police to warn of their activities, it would appear the salesman intimated to the elderly couple the police were supportive.  

Clearly we do not endorseany company and always advise that a minimum of 3 quotes should be obtained before making any decision.  Note in this case the original quote was in excess of £7,000!

If anyone becomes aware of anyone (especially vulnerable consumers) who is targeted in any way by any alarm company in the following manner:

  • Cold call by telephone/door to door (happens mainly via the telephone)
  • Offering a ‘free’ alarm
  • Offering heavily discounted alarms if they sign soon/’special offers’
  • Making claims about crime statistics in their area
  • Making claims about the monitoring of the alarm – e.g. response times better than the Police,  Fire Service etc
  • Implying any formal links with the Police or any other agency/association – either in the monitoring of the alarm, or endorsement of the alarm
  • Insisting on installing the alarm immediately/trying to avoid the 14 day legally required cooling off period
Please report it toTrading Standards

A number of offences are likely to be committed in all of the above scenarios – e.g. failing to give cancellation rights, misleading claims, falsely claiming associations etc
If you would like further help and advice about any suspicious trading, please contact our trading standards services on the following details: 

Consumer enquiries: 03454 040506. 
Business enquiries: 01733 453512. 

The company that sets alarm bells ringing... BBC Watchdog 2010