Sunday, December 13, 2020

Oakham Town Councillor Former Conservative Councillor For Wolds Weighton. Andy Burton – 'Utter Bunkum' and a little about Cllr Richard Fresia-Farrelly

Oakham Town Councillor Conservative Councillor Andy Burton – 'Utter Bunkum' 

Recently Oakham Town Council co-opted a couple of new members, they tell us nothing about newly created representatives. So I did a little bit of on-line research.

The first thing I find out about Councillor Andy Burton is he has been an elected Councillor in South Yorkshire, a online publication describes his talking as utter bunkum, so I guess he will fit in nicely at Oakham Town Council. 

Cllr Richard Fresia-Farrelly is already doing so much for all of us in Oakham he declares the following on intouch-networks. Really?

Oakham Town Council

October 2020

Working to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses in Oakham Town with effective, transparent and accountable local government.

Seeking to effectively represent the residents and businesses in Oakham Town and enable residents to be involved in the life of Oakham Town and its future development.

All that looks good, maybe he can take on the Neighbour Plan, that is the useless document almost six years in the making, which has cost us thousands of pounds, due to the pig ignorance of two former Mayors, who would not follow basic guidance and seek grants at the outset. I can not understand why Oakham Town Council, the county town has not been challenged for its failings with the production of the neighbourhood plan.

On paper Cllr Richard Fresia-Farrelly looks a good person and perhaps a little over qualified to sit at the table at Oakham Town Council. Unless he is a fighter, I give him a couple of months before he moves onto the county council. Just like all the others with a brain, who joined and gave up this pointless organisation very quickly.

This is a very worthy project Cllr Richard Fresia-Farrelly has worked with.

The Quetzal Project

Quetzal provides long-term counselling, crisis counselling and a telephone helpline to support women, aged 16 and over, who are recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. We have worked with thousands of women over 30 years in Leicester City, County and Rutland.