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Martin Brookes Voluntary Suspension Of Blog Posting, No Winners

Martin Brookes 
Voluntary Suspension 
of Blog Posting

Due to ongoing legal proceedings there will
be no further update on here until such time
as they are concluded

Due to ongoing legal proceedings there will
be no further update on here until such time
as they are concluded

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bullying on Leicester City Council The treatment of Leicester City Council's sole Liberal Democrat member Nigel Porter by Labour members is no laughing matter, says its sole Conservative member Ross Grant.

GUEST POST Bullying on Leicester City Council

Photo by Dave Bevis
The treatment of Leicester City Council's sole Liberal 
Democrat member Nigel Porter by Labour members is no laughing matter, says its sole Conservative member Ross Grant.

Headlines about Labour bullying will surprise no one at
the moment given the national media obsession with
Damian Macbride. What is worrying though is that the
recent story in the Leicester Mercury is not about the
Blair/Brown era of internal Labour, but how a large Labour
group and elected mayor treat one of only two opposition

This is no new phenomenon. As the Leicester Mercury
also reported, the heckling of the only Liberal Democrat
councillor became so bad last year that I wrote to the
then Lord Mayor, Abdul Osman, about it.

My concern then was that politics in the council chamber
was becoming an unedifying spectacle. That the Lord Mayor's
was being undermined by the behaviour of the Labour group.

That respect wasn't being given to someone carrying out their elected duties.

Whether you like or agree with Councillor Porter, something which is well reported I rarely do,
he is an elected representative. For that reason alone he should be heard and has a right to ask
and get answers in meetings.

It is now normal for a large number of Labour councillors to join in ill-mannered heckling of
Nigel Porter. It can start very soon into his question. It can last throughout the series of questions
 that he wants to ask. It frequently seems to be orchestrated by the Labour whip - certainly they
 can normally be seen joining in. This is all done to the delight of the City Mayor
(the Labour Group Leader) and his deputy, who are normally smiling and laughing whilst this goes on.

One reason for doing it is clear. It can make it very difficult to put supplementary questions
and to hold your focus. It gives protection to the City Mayor from robust scrutiny. This would
be the Damian Macbride defence: the end result is all important, not how you achieve it.

As well as that, it is apparent that a lot of Labour councillors enjoy bating another councillor
and relish that he is so obviously affected by it.

The most recent example was the Council meeting last week where for one of his questions
Cllr Porter was following up on the answers he received at the meeting of 24 June 2013. You can view it online  from about 02:28:10, though the audio does not catch the intensity of background sound)

Cllr Thomas can be heard joining in the heckling with a call of "There's a lot of us and only
one of you. You want to be careful". It achieved exactly what he wanted: it got the City
Mayor off the hook of explaining whether he deliberately refused to answer a question.

But it is clear that in this case it has an effect on Nigel. And this behaviour regularly does.
such an extent it has now to be seen as intentional because it cannot be unintentional.

There are lots of reasons you can speculate why such a large group develops such a nasty
culture, but that is what we have. The City Mayor claimed at the last meeting that things
have got better in recent years. That is easy for him to say, backed up as he is by his gang.
The truth is it has not. What used to be witty heckling is now just an unpleasant baying crowd.

It should never have developed into this and the ugly scenes that have become common
need to come to an end. This more than anything else will put off good candidates from
standing in future elections (but maybe the City Mayor wants that?)

You can follow Ross Grant on Twitter.

Leicester Court Trial Thursday 25th September 2013 Martin Brookes

Leicester Court Trial Thursday 25th September 2013 Martin Brookes

My trial recommences in the morning.

On Tuesday afternoon  district judge John Temperley spoke to the public
about some of their conduct throughout the trial.

It had been reported to him some had been naughty in the court room in
his absence in other parts of the court building and outside.

I personally witnessed misconduct by a person who claims to support me.

I ask if you do come and support me or even the prosecution witness's
you follow the required rules, we don't want the judge excluding the

If you are unsure on how you should conduct yourself seek advice
or in the words of the judge leave the court room.

I only want supporters who behave.

Lord Bonkers, Jonathan Calder, Liberal England, gets a mention at a Rutland County Council Meeting

Lord Bonkers, Jonathan Calder, gets a mention at a Rutland County Council Meeting

Lord Bonkers aka Guardian journalist Jonathan Calder was shocked
enough to include an RCC press release in his satirical blog. Since he
lives in Market Harborough one wonders if he will be arrested by Leicester
Police in the near future. RCC has become a notorious Council. You
have appeared in Private Eye twice within the last year, the Spectator and
the BBC have turned their attention to this Council. Lord McNally
prevented you trying to over-turn Derbyshire v Times newspapers case
law. Brandon Lewis MP, the Communities Minister, has criticised your
decision to fund individual officers’ private actions against elected
members. Each cunning plan you have devised has mired you in
controversy and opprobrium. The over-payment of senior staff,
mishandling of expenses procedures and underpayment of junior staff has
excited a plethora of online news stores in the Accounting press. No one
has done this to you. You have done it to yourselves.

Tory Leader Rutland County Council, Mr Begy, the role of Monitoring Officer did not require any specific qualifications to fulfil the duties of the post

Tory Leader Rutland County Council, Mr Begy, the role of Monitoring Officer did not require any specific qualifications to fulfil  the duties of the post could this explain many messes at Rutland County Council?

Question from Ms H Pender, Oakham 

“What personal and professional qualifications does the proposed 
candidate have to fit her for the role of Monitoring Officer?” 

The Chairman invited the Leader to respond. Mr Begy explained that the 
role of Monitoring Officer did not require any specific qualifications to fulfil 
the duties of the post. 

In her supplementary question, Ms Pender referred to specific job 
requirements, for example, five years’ experience at a senior officer level 
and a minimum of two years’ experience dealing with elected members. 
In his response, Mr Begy explained that the Director of Resources, Mrs 
Mogg, was a senior officer of the council who had experience of dealing 
with members. The recommendation to approve Mrs Mogg as the 
Council’s Monitoring Officer was as a result of Council’s resolution at the 
August meeting when the Re-structure of the Strategic Management 
Team was discussed.

10 things you wish you didn't know about Michael Gove, New Statesman

10 things you wish you didn't know about Michael Gove
The facts we've all been subjected to, compiled for your viewing pleasure.

Community Pay Back, Melton, Pointless and Costly, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Community Pay Back, Melton, Pointless and Costly

2011 Melton Borough Council attempted to save money by using
community pay back workers to landscape the bank opposite
there new office. Lots of old tyres were used.

This month Melton Borough council has spent money to remove and
dispose of those tyres and started re-landscaping  the bank. It looks
as if they are going to cover it with a hard surface.

Former Tory Deputy London Mayor Harefield Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon, Northwest London, Uploads Cock Pics to Facebook

Former London deputy mayor has given a new meaning to being an Assembly “Member” after accidently uploading pictures of his penis to Facebook for all his followers to see.

Barnes has been a councillor in the London Borough of Hillingdon since 1982 and was leader of that council from 1998, securing the re-election of the Conservative administration with an 11% swing, one of the most remarkable results in a poor year for the party. 

He is currently a councillor for Harefield, re-elected in 2010.

Barnes is a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, of which he was formerly deputy chairman. He speaks on policing for the Conservatives on the London Assembly and in late 2007 was elected as Leader of the Conservatives in the London Assembly. After a shock election result on 4th May 2012, Barnes was beaten by Dr Onkar Sahota to represent Ealing and Hillingdon in the London Assembly. This is the first time he has not represented the area since the creation of the assembly in 2000.

Councillor Richard Barnes BSc

Party: Conservative
Ward: Harefield
Other Councillors representing this Ward:

Surgery details

Harefield Library
Park Lane
Last Saturday of the month 1000-1200noon
Surgeries: January, March, May, July, September, November. Contact 
Cllr Barnes at any time by phoning the Conservative Group Office on 01895 250316 ontact informatio
Correspondence Address: 
Conservative Group Office
Civic Centre
Phone:  01895 250316

And something for #Rutland to be a lot less proud of

And something for #Rutland to be a lot less proud of

Bondage workshops will be held at Trumpington Village Hall in Cambridge, Today's talking point - tea, biscuits, bondage and spanking

Today's talking point - tea, biscuits, bondage and spanking

Bondage workshops will be held at Trumpington Village Hall in CambridgeBondage workshops will be held at Trumpington Village Hall in Cambridge
A village hall is to hold bondage classes – complete with tea and biscuits.

Read more:

Leslie Collins was caught on camera apparently tipping buckets of excrement into a couple's garden.

Leslie Collins was caught on camera apparently tipping buckets of excrement into a couple's garden.

VIDEO: 'Nightmare' neighbour tipping excrement over fence

My old Mate Johnny Monks, I know where they are! Leicestershire Police

Police video targets six 'most active' criminals

"We know where you are"

Surprised he knows where anyone is, he did not even know where he could buy Mrs Monks Cheap Perfume for Christmas here in Oakham.

The man went on Rutland Radio and he said "we don't have much of a drug issue in the area" next day
a team officers from Leicester popped into Oakham and raided three houses just up the roads from
the studio.

He of course could find the private computer rooms at Oakham library to hold private
meeting with the Town Councillor and author of laughing stocks, rather cosy little rooms
designed for one adult.

Other times he was to busy interfering in local politics to notice anything accept those who criticised the councils

Of course when I had to visit Loughborough it was not hard to spot the drunks, drug users and dealers
stumbling around in the road between his station and the court its grim.

Oakham Town Council

Mr Keith Tyers Chairman of the Rutland Order Of St George
and Rutland Lions Member arriving at Leicester Magistrates Court

He is the kind gentleman who once assaulted me. The police just took
his card and allowed him to continue on to a church service.

Inspector Monks decided his conduct was acceptable and no further action was taken.

He went on to approach me again and told me "I was worse than a Paedophile
and smelt worse than shit on the pavement he stood on"

His whifes bottom features on my blog,  normal Oakham and  Rutland
conduct for respectable former Oakham Mayors and School Governors.


Photograph was taken from Jim Harrison former Oakham Mayors
Video of Royal wedding celebrations.

Good to hear his name revealed in court this Monday as
a supporter of my most vile attackers.

Hi Dotty Hows Melton Borough Council
Maybe you would like to prepare a few complaints
and pass them to the town clerk Richard White ready just in case
I am elected again, just like you did that time before?

Tim hows the walking and cycling :-)

Better not put Dotty's real names as she will get her husband to send me another
threatening message the last time I did that.

Adult Children will play at their computers.

Mr Tyers and others who I cant yet name are typical, Homophobic
Bullies and a Vile tiny establishment minority that controls Oakham.

If you were in court on Monday, you would have been
deeply offended by the conduct and manner of  the person giving evidence
against me, not that surprisingly they hold public office.
One County Councillor who was present was "very shocked and offended by what they observed
and listened to.

I can not name the Town Councillor yet for legal reason but the local press have.

Their conduct and manner is typical of the majority of Town Councillors past
and present it's vile.

I hope Cllr Lucas noted very carefully what she saw and heard, she should resign because she
has supported that Councillor and their vile disgusting conduct for years. The rest who have also supported their conduct should resign and that includes you Adam Lowe and the Town Clerk.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Martin Brookes Leicester Magistrates Court Trial Update 24th September 2013

Court Trial Update 24th September 2013

My trial has now been adjourned until Thursday

I can not report on the case details apart from the whole thing stinks.

The Rutland Times And Mercury can but provide a very limited account  please click links

The Rutland Times reporting is incorrect this blog was not closed by its author as you can see
by clicking on the link.

Monday, September 23, 2013

King Richard III Leicester BBC Leicester

King Richard III Leicester BBC Leicester

33 Cank Street Public Art Installation Shauna Richardson (or Gossip Street) Photographs

33 Cank Street Public Art Installation Shauna Richardson (or Gossip Street)

Any jobs in Oakham 23rd September 2013

Any jobs in Oakham 23rd September 2013

Diamond Recruitment Services Ltd - Corby
Working Hours will either be 6am-2pm, 2pm-10pm or 10pm-6am. Own Transport Required. PPE Will be supplied - Safety Boots & a High Viz Jacket.... 7:31

Premier Inn  105 reviews - Market Harborough
You will report directly to the Cluster General Manager. Previous experience in the hospitality sector is essential....
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch 14:46

Accountancy & Finance Personnel - Grantham
The Event Coordinator is respo nsible for the planning, organis ation, and preparing all functions sheets assigned to him/her. N/A.... £18,000 a year 22-Sep
The Farrier - Grantham
(ie Fire Alarm bell tests and evacuations, Air Conditioning Filter cleans, Water temperature checks). 5 day week including one weekend day.... £5.65 - £6.19 an hour
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch 14:44

Solutions Driven - Corby
To work as part of a team to promote and encourage individual rights and independence whilst creating opportunities to develop daily living skills....
Jobsite UK 18:26
121 Social Care - Peterborough
You will be working as part of a team to ensure that the home is kept to a good standard and the home’s policies and procedures are followed at all times.... £7 - £10 an hour
CV-Library 7:28

AJJ Recruitment Ltd - Orton Waterville
Candidates should be able to use their initiative, be self-motivated and have plenty of ideas. A family in Orton Waterville are looking for an experienced nanny... £10 an hour 7:31
JTH Recruitment Ltd - Peterborough
from the studio. Our well established and successful client are now recruiting for an experienced Videographer/Digital Artist to work in their Video production... £24,000 a year 7:19

AMS Contingent Team - Peterborough
RSA is one of the world's leading FTSE 100 general insurers with a proud heritage dating back over 300 years.... £9.45 an hour 7:22

Solutions Driven - Kettering
To work as part of a team to promote and encourage individual rights and independence whilst creating opportunities to develop daily living skills....
Jobsite UK 18:26
assist recruitment - Thrapston
The role will involve setting up and running a production line, ensuring quality and performance standards are met, ensuring necessary process documents are... 7:31

Bennetrecruitment - Leicester
For information on how benefits are affected and whether entitlement may be lost speak to a Jobcentre Plus Adviser....
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch 14:44

British Gas  94 reviews - Leicester
Programme Support Co-ordinator (6 month FTC) - The Person. Analytical skills Co-ordinating and Administrative experience essential Ability to interpret complex...
Diversity Jobs 7:15

Leicestershire Partnership Trust - Leicester
Training and development opportunities will be available to the successful candidate as well as the opportunity for support, personal and professional growth... £30,764 - £40,558 a year
NHS Jobs 22-Sep

Maloy & Flynn Recruitment Ltd - Leicestershire
Maloy & Flynn are currently recruiting for a Production Planning & Control Administrator for an established Manufacturing firm in the Leicestershire area.... £17,000 a year 7:31

Robert Half United Kingdom - Leicester
A finance qualification will be looked upon favourably in addition to wide system experience in business. Robert Half is committed to equal opportunity and... £250 - £350 a day
Robert Half United Kingdom 6:27

New Age Consultants - Peterborough
activities such as Business requirements & analysis, configuration, Conference Room pilot, Gap fit analysis, Application customization functional specifications... £275 - £350 a day
The IT Job Board 6:44

Momentum Instore Merchandising - Peterborough
We are currently looking for talented individuals with the right skills & flexibility, to work on our merchandising division....
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch 14:46

Anne Corder Recruitment - Peterborough
Sage input - sales invoices, purchase invoices, receipts, payments. Management of creditors - including raising cheques/bank payments for settlement of creditor... 7:31

Robert Half United Kingdom - Corby
An understanding of Sage would be an advantage also. Robert Half is committed to equal opportunity and diversity.... £8 an hour
Robert Half United Kingdom 6:27

Inspector Mistry the former LPU commander for Rutland and PC Robbie arriving at Leicester Magistrates Court Today

Inspector Mistry the former LPU commander for Rutland and
PC Robbie arriving at Leicester Magistrates Court Today
the sign behind says it all....

I can not publish the finer details about today proceedings.

What I can say it was a long day which only saw the CPS
and the Defence question one prosecution witness.

I learnt people think I purchased my home through earnings
from male prostitution with Tory MP's and Male Clergy and
I am mad a sponger and scrounger! not very pleasant.

It was good to see the assistant chief executive of Rutland
County Council could make it, I also witnessed what looked
like a close friendships in the waiting area with Inspector
Mistry and other prosecution witness's.

Just before we departed it was rather nice to see a
prosecution witness kissing PC Robbie good bye.
Just outside the loo's

Firearms amnesty, Leicestershire Police, Loughborough, Hinckley, Syston, Market Harborough, Melton, Oakham, Braunstone, Coalville, Mansfield House, Keyham Lane, Spinney Hill, Beaumont Leys, Wigston


Firearms amnesty – September 21 to October 6 2013

Police ask public to hand in unwanted firearms

Leicestershire Police is holding a two week long firearms amnesty to appeal for the surrender of unlawfully held and unwanted firearms and ammunition.

It is believed that a number of firearms are held by people in innocence and ignorance of their illegality. They could be in the home, but overlooked or forgotten, or someone could have come into possession of one through the death of a relative, for example.

To avoid these weapons getting into the wrong hands, and to provide members of the community with a safe place to dispose of any firearms they are unlawfully, or lawfully, in possession of, an amnesty is being held from Saturday 21 September until Sunday 6 October.

During that period, those surrendering firearms will not face prosecution for the illegal possession and they also have the opportunity to remain anonymous.

Chief Inspector Chris Brown of Leicestershire Police’s Operational Support Department said: “Fortunately gun crime within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is statistically low, which is a result of continued efforts from the Force. However, there was one death by firearm this year, which is extremely unusual for the city and county, but this is one death too many. We want as many weapons off the street as possible and would encourage people to hand them in.

“In addition to the amnesty, we continually work hard to educate young people about firearms and the dangers that come with them, to ensure that gun crime doesn’t become a problem for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.”

Police officers regularly go into schools to present a hard hitting video called ‘Split Second’ to raise awareness. It features local officers and depicts young people getting involved with firearms and imitation firearms.

Anyone handing in a firearm during the amnesty is advised to check the opening times of the police stationand then phone ahead before leaving home. They will then be advised on how to best transport the weapon responsibly from home to the police station.

The main collecting local policing units are:

• Loughborough
• Hinckley
• Syston
• Market Harborough
• Melton
• Oakham
• Braunstone
• Coalville
• Mansfield House
• Keyham Lane
• Spinney Hill
• Beaumont Leys
• Wigston

For further information and advice, people can contact the front desk at their local policing unit on 101.

Public always Happy to Assist the Police

Promotion Of Oakham Working Group, Councillor Lucas, Budget 2014 -2015

Promotion Of Oakham Working Group, Councillor Lucas, Budget 2014 -2015

Once again it looks like the working group led by, Cllr Joyce Lucas and the one I can't name yet
won't be receiving a budget for 2014 - 2015

They have no plan again and repeat what they said for 2013 - 2014 budget.

Why do they think they can have public money to spend as they please?

Maybe they need to spend a little more £7220 on expensive low quality pencils?

The budget report above says the group are expected to supply further details on some
of its requirements?

I am not even sure Rutland County Council would accept that sort of proposal.

What have they based their requirement of public money on, if they don't know what they
are going to spend it on?

It also suggests they don't want to consult with the other ten councillors about expenditure?

So will we be left with the following scenario Joyce: "Hello Clerk, can I spend £100 on
delicious chocolate shot glasses and £120 on Baileys and other drinks for my friends
and family because it was good for the people of Oakham?" Clerk: "of course you can darling
anything for you and it"

Its no surprise the chairman recently said "it's like we have two councils with those two"

As for promoting Oakham what a load of crap the two of them have spent thousands on
gazebos to attend events.

Cllr Lucas gossips with her old friends and snarls at those she detests, it sits on its
fat rear wrapped in a blanket moaning all day. That was Rutland Day at Rutland Water.

Its no surprise the tourist bus runs empty from Rutland Water if that is the representation
potential visitors to Oakham are glumly presented.

I must say the yellow gazebo's do look more cheerful!

Maybe they should send Councillor Dewis along instead, he is
such a nice warm, friendly welcoming chap.

Christmas Lights Oakham Town Council Budget decrease 2014 - 2015

A budget report describes the display of 2012 as disappointing.

I am sure if councillor were digging into their own pockets to fund the abysmal displays they produce
each year then they might actually do something to improve things.

The council clerk said the council does not do much, a very true, he went on to say what we do ,we do well.
That's a false description.

Over the past 10 years the money this pathetic council has spent on Christmas lights could have bought a small house.

This year they are throwing many more thousands of pounds in the direction of the same company
that produced what can be seen below.

Just over a week ago I was told Tory Leader of Rutland County Council attended a meeting of
a local organisation, at that meeting there was a  question raised What is the point of Oakham
Town Council? I am told Roger Begy replied "not much, is it not there for Oakham in Bloom"
Hearing Roger Begy holds a similar opinion as myself and others. I wrote to him and asked
if the comment was true and if so why does he and others who follow him give me so much
crap for voicing that opinion.

So far he or Rutland County Council have failed to respond.

The UK's Best Christmas Lights, 2012, Oakham Town Council, £16,000 of Value

The UK's Best Christmas Lights, 2012, Oakham Town Council, £16,000 of Value

After complaints the council has managed to find some additional
for the left hand side of Mill Street.

Swans Antiques have purchased their only little Christmas trees.
Many other retailers complain about the Town Council poor
ability to provide decent Christmas Lights as trader they contribute
nothing to the cost of the lights. The local residents pay via their
council tax. I am not saying all the independent traders are greedy
some who charge inflated prices could give a little back to the 
town that keep them in business. 

It is very clear that after many years of Oakham Town Council
squandering hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers 
money they are not up to the job. maybe the retailers could 
take over the responsibility.

After the above photograph was taken of the Christmas Tree
paid for by the Town Council and then donate rather oddly to
the town by the Rotary. They chucked some more lights on
which I understand have been donated by Furleys.


Its good to see a few more lights on the tree!

Christmas lights on Oakham High Street looking down from
Melton Road.

Church Street Oakham Christmas Lights

Gaol Street Oakham Christmas Lights comments on other
sites say this road along with the market place. 

I think they looked better last year all new LED bulbs were
purchased last year for Gaol Street and the old stars and 
Christmas Shape made it look more like Christmas. All those
have been trashed.

Melton Road Oakham, Yes there is only one string of lights 
across this road?

Christmas lights the centre of Oakham High Street

The old lights for Market Street were destroyed

Its hard to believe Oakham has used the same company as
Stamford and paid the same money £16,000

A Melton Company was paid £10,000 to put up and take
down and store the lights, dumped them in a field making 
them unusable. The Clerk said recently at a meeting the
Council has a good working relationship with this company 
it is a disgrace...

The  Market Place Oakham Rutland Christmas Lights


Oakham High Street Christmas Lights

Oakham Town Council Planning and Parks Committee Budget 2014 -2015

Oakham Town Council Planning and Parks Committee Budget 2014 -2015

Oakham Town Council Planning and Parks Committee Budget 2014 -2015